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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Citizen Journalism - Seven Years of Defamation & Threats

Scottsboro, Alabama - May 8, 2014 Citizen Journalism - Seven Years of Defamation & Threats - (Warning - Some of the language used in the video's defamation examples are not suitable for children.) Personal attacks in the form of defamation and threats pointed toward a citizen journalist with the intent to harm and discredit.

After numerous requests to Al.Com and Advance Internet to Cease and Desist, it serves to no avail. 
The local newspaper in 2011, The Daily Sentinel, also participated in untruthful accusations, defamation pointed specifically at me by name.

October 2013, I was contracted to write for the Daily Sentinel. I produced a weekly column until I spoke about problems with Scottsboro's Personnel Management System and our current Mayors responsibility. Without notice or explanation my weekly columns were stopped by the Daily Sentinel's publisher claiming I had questioned the Mayor's integrity. Such is the story of local news reporting and supporting of politicians instead of the citizenry and accountable government practices.


Anonymous said...

Well see you got your post removed
You see you are not King like you think you stupid SON OF A BITCH.

Garry said...

Your accounts were removed on al.com for harassment and threats, now you come on my blog, cuss at me and make threats. You said on May 15 that I will pay, just how will I pay?