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Friday, May 23, 2014

Censorship via Defamation and Creation of a Threat Environment - Al.com and Advance Digital Support Extremist "Agent Provocateurs"

Advance Digital, via its outlet al.com, supports political extremist "Agent Provocateurs" and internet censorship.  Al.com has a long history of censorship and creation of hostile, threatening environments on its forums. Purpose is to discredit citizen journalistic endeavors and support of specific political party and corporate goals. Individual expression concerning political corruption and bad management of  local government is not tolerated, and when a citizen writes about the censorship and dysfunctional culture, this is what happens as depicted in the video below - threats, intimidation, slander.

The evidence, seven years of defamation.

Al.com has banned me from the Scottsboro forum, canceled my account. Below is my letter to Advance Digital Community Managers. Political extremists, "Agent Provocateurs," who waged a defamation campaign pointed at me for 7 years by name, that included terrorist threats and threats of murder on al.com's Scottsboro Forum. Al.com and Advanced Digital have supported their actions and appear to have actively participated in the defamation via allowing posters or their media staff to have multiple names to defame and threaten.

This is the second "Cease & Desist Letter" to al.com. There have been numerous requests for al.com to stop defamation and threats on their forums.

May 23, 2014
Dear Community Manager,

Reference the Scottsboro Forum - Since your staff disabled the inappropriate posting feature it was impossible to remove offensive postings, I had no other choice but to defend myself, which I have a right to do.
Censorship by defamation and corporate action is supported by Advance Digital - your actions demonstrate that to have occurred. Your failure to control your forum by allowing extremists to make terrorist threats and continue a threat atmosphere is also evident by your failing to follow your own rules.

Self defense from false statements - The offending posters bragged continuously about how they could now post anything they wanted, which they did - including false postings about me by name.  I have a right to defend myself from false statements made about me. 

Since my posting is no longer possible, I have no way to defend myself on your forums. I'm demanding that you Cease and Desist from allowing forum  postings utilizing my name in derogatory, slanderous terms, forms or fashions on your forums.

In addition, since I may no longer post on your forums due to your actions, I request that you remove all postings utilizing my name on your forums since the users contract regarding my postings is no longer valid.

It is my observations that the defamation and personal attacks against me, utilizing your forums, were from extremist political groups supporting racism, censorship and the control of all communications outlets, such as your forums. Further, your action has supported the actions of those who have made terrorist threats and continue defamation.

The same posters reentered the forum for seven years, utilizing over 50 forum names for the purpose of terrorist threats, threats of murder, racist statements, defamation and personal attacks. That would seem to support an inside job at al.com or the offending poster has resources certainly greater than an average citizen.

The sole purpose of the attacks for seven years was that of control of the forum. All I ever asked for is responsible discussion of issues. You as managers of al.com's Scottsboro Forum have not allowed that to happen. By allowing threats, defamation and harassment al.com has worked against responsible discussion. You have permitted censorship of political discussion by encouraging continuous defamation and a threat environment on your Scottsboro Forum.

Because of my complaints to you, you cancelled my account. By your action we no longer have a contract. I ask that you remove all postings utilizing my name.

Al.com forums will be monitored for the purpose of inspection to insure my name is not being utilized in any form or fashion on your web based forums. You allowed defamation by name for 7 years by the same people which you allowed to enter and reenter the forum and defame me. Because of the frequency of attacks, and the ease in which the threatening parties changed forum names, but kept up the same threatening and defamatory attacks, it appears they may be employees of al.com or Advance Internet. After numerous attempts to resolve this problem with you, the defamation and harassment continues and is followed up with a broad censoring action on your part.

Cease and Desist from allowing slander/defamation utilizing my name and the use of my name on your forums.


"How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations"
"...two tactics: (1) to inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets; and (2) to use social sciences and other techniques to manipulate online discourse and activism to generate outcomes it considers desirable.
Both tactics have been seen on al.com's Scottsboro Forum.

Agent Provocateurs

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