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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chairman of the Jackson County Commission Matthew Hodges - 2014 State of the County Address - Jackson County Alabama - Discussion with TVA Officials

State of the County Address  by Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges - Hollywood, Alabama, September 10, 2014 at TVA's cannibalized, 5 billion dollar nuclear facility which has never produced electric power. It has been a long time since BFN's, Bellefonte Nuclear Facility, parking lot has been this full. It was revealed that approximately 30% of the commission's budget relies on TVA's in-lieu-of tax payments. Mr. Hodges did not mention the diversion of TVA in lieu of tax funds by the Jackson County Legislative Delegation.
Prior to Mr. Hodges' presentation I sat down with TVA Public Relations and Plant Management personnel, impromptu, and asked about the current status of the Bellefonte Facility. I was told that the Quality Assurance Records were reconstructed to cover the time frame of the nuclear facility's cancelled construction license and that the current plan was to begin construction in 2016. The steam generators which were removed/cannibalized between 2006 and 2008 were still on order. The management team also commented that much was dependent on the current IRP, Integrated Resource Plan.

Mr. Matthew Hodges, Chairman of the Jackson County Commission delivers the State of the County Address at TVA's extremely wasteful, cannibalized, cancelled, then reinstated nuclear reactor project.

Comments and questions (33 min. 45 sec in the video) concerning the commission's history of support and non-support of open government and their recent history of secret agreements: Q 1) Secret financial settlement to previous County Administrator which cost taxpayers money (You Tube Video - http://youtu.be/Ld_L5zePSr4  ; Q 2) secret discussions concerning the 10 Commandments issue with representatives/attorneys of the right wing organization The Liberty Institute. (You Tube Video - http://youtu.be/nQkafuiph40  ) "The Liberty Institute is a conservative Christian advocacy and legal defense organization founded in 1972 under the name Free Market Foundation," Wikipedia.

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