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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Senate District 8 Political Race - Candidate Answer, Candidate Refuses to Answer

Jackson County Legislative Delegation Office (photo by G. Morgan)

On the 17th of August, 2014 I sent two questions to the candidates for Alabama Senate District 8 race. Republican Candidate Steve Livingston and Democrat Candidate Horace Clemmons both received the same questions in the same format. One candidate, Horace Clemmons answered the questions; the other candidate Steve Livingston did not reply. I sent him multiple requests through his Face Book campaign site and his personal Face Book Page, all to no avail. Apparently this old soldier’s and poor citizen’s questions matter naught to Senate candidate Steve Livingston. Below you will find Horace Clemons answer after the questions and my comment to Steve Livingston.

What are your thoughts on the Ten Commandments and Historical Documents issue which Commissioner Guffey has brought forward in the Jackson County Commission?

Do you support the Republican Sponsored Ten Commandments Bill that was introduced in the House but did not make it out the Senate in the last session. Reference HB 45 which will allow citizens to vote on a constitutional amendment to allow displays of the Ten Commandments on state property and in public schools.

Your answer may be used on my blog and other community information postings.

Thank you,
Garry Morgan
“In the Boro”  http://arklite.blogspot.com

Horace Clemmons for State Senate District 8 web site (Fair Usage rights)

Horace Clemmons answer:  "I believe that this issue has been settled by the Supreme Court and would end up costing taxpayers a lot of money for legal fees - money that could and should be used for economic development and education.  Further, the damage to our District's image that would be done by the resulting controversy and court battle would make the already difficult job of attracting high paying jobs to our area even more difficult.  Let’s focus on education and jobs.”

“I would not support any legislation that is likely to be declared unconstitutional and result in spending millions of taxpayers’ dollars paying legal fees to high-priced private law firms.  The legislature has engaged in enough of that kind of foolish fiscal irresponsibility over the last four years.”

Steve Livingston for State Senate District 8  (Fair Usage rights)

My Comment to Mr. Livingston: Your refusal to answer equals my refusal to vote for you and is an indication that you think of yourself as above the questions of a poor, retired old soldier. A simple answer would be fine, but a refusal to answer indicates the thinking of an “elitist snob,” or a refusal to answer a question about what your political party of choice represents. Either way, no answer equals NO VOTE. 

 About your above propaganda depiction of you teaching school children to"Fight Obama" in your Face Book campaign video ad - this is the hatred which we have come to expect out of the extremist wing of the Republican Party - Shame on You Steve Livingston! If this is what you are about, we do not need you representing the 8th District in Montgomery.

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