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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Scottsboro City Council Meeting - Dual Session, B.B. Comer Bridge Foundation Presentation January 26, 2014

Scottsboro city Hall photo by G. Morgan


  1. BB Comer Bridge Authority-Justin Lackey, Marie Bostick, & Julie Bowers

Below issues were approved in the regular council meeting.
  1. Public Hearing: Consider Agreement with Second Street Plaza Developers for K-Mart Building

  1. Public Works Director Job Description

  1. Vehicle Maintenance Director Job Description

  1. IT Job Description

  1. Resolution 2015-01-03: Award Bid for Fire Dept Protective Clothing

  1. Resolution 2015-01-04: Award Bid for Fire Dept Helmets

  1. Resolution 2015-01-05: Award Bid for Fire Dept Boot

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