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Monday, January 12, 2015

Scottsboro City Council Regular Session, January 12, 2015 Updated - 1-18-15 Redevelopment Authority, Violation of Open Meetings Law

Scottsboro City Hall photo by G. Morgan

(click on image for an expanded view)

Scottsboro Redevelopment Authority is scheduled to meet on Thursday,  January 15, 2015 at 5PM.  Update - Jan. 18, 2015 For the second month in a row the Redevelopment Authority has not met. December a sickness excuse was utilized, this month the weather excuse was utilized. Scheduling a meeting, then not meeting with the excuses given indicates a decision was made outside of the required open meeting process. The Open Meetings Law was violated. Once the meeting was scheduled it should have been held. Whether a quorum was present would have been determined at the time of the scheduled meeting. Secret decisions and secret meetings are forbidden by state law. 
Code of Alabama  Section 36-25A-3

 The "faux front" building on Laurel Street, which was transfered to the City of Scottsboro, former Derrick Real Estate Office destroyed by fire, has subsequently been transferred to the Redevelopment Authority by the city. Unfortunately, there is a question of who is carrying the insurance on the structure. The new authority is a separate corporate entity responsible for all actions. Downtown Redevelopment Authorities are governed under the Code of Alabama, Legislative intent, Section 11-54A-1 describes its purpose .

WHNT-TV Huntsville, Al. story about the building and deal: http://whnt.com/2014/11/24/vacant-property-could-see-new-life-in-downtown-scottsboro/
This is how it was suppose to look. The WHNT article contains a picture of how it looks today.
(photo by G. Morgan)

Several important issues were passed at tonights City Council Meeting: 1) Surplus equipment was authorized for sale. 2) Pawn Shop Ordinance was passed, Orginance #585. 2) A Public works Department was approved; this position will manage the Street Department and the Solid Waste Department. 3) Vehicle Maintenance Director position was created. 4) Information Technology position was created. 

Mrs Debbie Taylor, long term Scottsboro employee and the Mayors Secretary passed away this past week after a long bout with cancer. 

Dr. James Williams, long time Scottsboro Veterinarian passed away this past week. Dr Williams will be missed. Dr Williams had been practicing in Scottsboro since 1973 according to the Williams Animal clinic web site.

Picture of former Williams Animal Clinic staff, Dr. Williams is front left in blue smock. (photo Williams Animal Clinic web site - Fair Use for non-profit news reporting)


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