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Friday, May 8, 2015

TVA Quarterly Meeting at Huntsville, Alabama - May 7, 2015 Widows Creek to Close This Year

TVA Widows Creek (photo by TVA - Fair Use for non-profit news reporting)

Top Story for Jackson County Alabama - TVA-in-lieu-of-taxes will be negatively impacted. Excerpt from the Chattanooga Times Free Press: "The Tennessee Valley Authority will shut down the last operating unit at its oldest coal plant in Alabama by the end of the year. TVA directors voted today to shutter the Widows Creek Fossil Plant near Stevenson, Ala., which TVA began building more than 60 years ago. TVA has previously idled all but one of the eight units at Widows Creek. The only remaining operating generator, Unit 7, is scheduled to be closed by the end of the year as part of TVA's efforts to meet stricter environmental rules,"  http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/business/aroundregion/story/2015/may/07/tva-prepares-shut-down-widows-creek-coal-plant/302963/

Al.com article - "90 jobs to be lost - The Tennessee Valley Authority will by October close the last remaining unit at its Widows Creek coal plant in Jackson County.TVA officials said the closing, which will affect about 90 jobs, is in response to new federal regulations regarding the storage and monitoring of coal ash. Widows Creek has eight units. TVA shut down six units between May 2012 and July 2013 and it closed a seventh unit last October."

Environmental Group Presentations at TVA Board Meeting Listening Session

AGENDA for the meeting: Agenda


Jackson County Legislative Delegation - TVA-In-Lieu-of-Tax

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