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Friday, May 15, 2015

Nuclear Regulatory Commission 2014 Performance Report on TVA's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant May 14, 2015

TVA's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant - Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting. Picture credits "wiki" and "NRC."

NRC conducted a Public Meeting May 14, 2015 to discuss NRC’s 2014 Assessment of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. The annual assessment letter  for the Browns Ferry plant, as well as current performance information for Unit 1, Unit 2 and Unit 3 is available on the NRC website.

Assessment Letter -  http://www.nrc.gov/NRR/OVERSIGHT/ASSESS/LETTERS/bf_2014q4.pdf  

Unit 1  http://www.nrc.gov/NRR/OVERSIGHT/ASSESS/BF1/bf1_chart.html

Unit 2  http://www.nrc.gov/NRR/OVERSIGHT/ASSESS/BF2/bf2_chart.html

Unit 3  http://www.nrc.gov/NRR/OVERSIGHT/ASSESS/BF3/bf3_chart.html

Press Report - Al.com: "...The NRC will continue to monitor [the] utility's ability to sustain quality performance and the inspection emphasis in the coming year will include a focus on what TVA is doing toward ensuring its long-term performance."

NRC Performance Report - TVA's Reply

Public Comment Part 1

Public Comment Part 2

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