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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Local Delegation Visits Washington, DC - Photo's and Comments, Support of Current TVA Chair Joe Ritch

Photo by Dr. David Campbell at West Wing of the White House, Washington, DC - Face Book photo Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting. 

November 17, 2015 - From Dr, Campbell's Face Book page: Q& A : Garry - "Can you tell us about your visit, or at least the important points please?" Dr. Campbell - "Request to the Obama Administration to reappoint Joe Ritch of Huntsville to the TVA Board of Directors, Gary. Mr. Ritch presently serves as chair of the TVA board and was extremely important in bringing Google to Jackson County. As I suspect you know, this is a Presidential appointment which must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate." 

Dr. David Campbell is the President of  Northeast Alabama Community College and the Chairperson of the Jackson County Economic Development Authority. 

TVA Chair - Joe Ritch, Photo by TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority, 
Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting. 

Chair Joe Ritch is an attorney at the Sirote & Permutt law firm in Huntsville, Ala., where he has worked since 1982. Ritch also serves as chairman of the Tennessee Valley Base Realignment and Closures Committee, and is a board member for Axiometrics Inc. and the Von Braun Center for Science and Innovation. He is formerly a trustee with the University of Alabama system and is now a trustee emeritus. He also serves as a member of the Ohio State University School of Engineering external advisory committee. His term as Chair expires when his term as director expires May 18, 2016. - See more at: https://www.tva.com/About-TVA/Our-Leadership/Board-of-Directors

Other Photos from Face Book regarding the Washington Visit.
Delegation visit with Senator Sessions; from left to right - Mayor of Scottsboro Melton Potter; Jackson County Commission Chairperson Matthew Hodges; Director of Scottsboro Water Sewer & Gas Board Roy Light; Jackson County Economic Development Authority CEO Dus Rogers; Senator Jeff Sessions (R) Alabama; unknown to the right of Senator Sessions.
Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting. Face Book Photo by Rick Roden, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce,

 Photo by Rick Roden, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Delegation discusses  issues with Senator Richard Shelby, (R) Alabama.
 Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting.

Each organization paid for their representative's trip to Washington, DC. Jackson County Alabama County Commission, City of Scottsboro Mayor, Jackson County Economic Development Authority, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Scottsboro Water Sewer & Gas Board. Mr. Rudder Williams of the Scottsboro Airport Advisory Board and EDA Board Member paid for his own trip. I was not able to contact the Scottsboro Electric Power Board for comment as there is no online listing for their General Manager or Customer Service Representative.

Thanks to all who provided pictures and comments.

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