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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Friendly City May Not Be So Friendly - How Friendly is Scottsboro if You Are Poor?

Scottsboro Police Department sleeve patch, "The Friendly City." Maybe if you have money and support the political figureheads skullduggery the City is very friendly to you or your Klickish-Klanish-Klutch.

The Iron Bowl - Alabama Auburn; Thanksgiving a time to enjoy family, friends and good food. 

Across our land, and specifically in Scottsboro Alabama, some attempt to cover-up the truth and hide the realities of tyrants who care for only themselves and their select group of people in their Klickish-Klanish-Klutches. You would think after all this time, the murder of a sheriff, the attempted lynching's of the innocent, continuous discrimination, terrorist threats, and the list goes on - folks in our Friendly City of Scottsboro would learn the lessons of their history. Unfortunately those who attempt to RULE the land, instead of govern for all of the people, have not learned their lessons of history.

Recent Stories about our City and County.

(Photo by G. Morgan

We should be very thankful for living in a land governed by corporate snakes and hypocrites instead of caring, Christian people (maximum sarcasm intended). I would like to think the opposite, but unfortunately recent events in our fair City of Scottsboro, Alabama have shown otherwise.

Some poor folks have to worry about their water being cut off Monday morning, once again, because the criminal land lord will not pay the bill, once again. The Water Board chooses to punish the poor tenants who have actually paid their water bill to the property owner. This reoccurring ridiculousness has been reoccurring for months on end.

Everyone has been contacted from the Water Board, the City Council, the Health Department, the State, the police – no effect. When I went to the Water Board I plead to their Christianity, “please, consider the poor, disabled the children; please don’t punish the poor innocent folks because of this landlords wrongful behavior.” What do these so called Christians do, turn the water off once again. Business before that which is needed for survival – WATER.

Is our nation becoming a land where the rich and influential have rights, the poor and less influential are trampled on by corporate government and the so called Christians with their puppet political figureheads. This ain't the church folk I was raised with, what has happened to moral values? Were they replaced with corporate political values of greed?

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II. Court Referral and Community Corrections - Corporate Courts and Profiteering Off of the Poor.

(Photo by G. Morgan)

Medicine and Courts - play a very important part in assuring substance abusers are reintegrated and become an important part of our communities free from the stranglehold of addiction. Unfortunately the formation of some programs have been abused. Within this article I will discuss this abuse as it relates to the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections System.

Links on this blog about our corporate courts and their abuse by profiteers. 

III. Political Corruption, Sexual Harrassment, Misappropriation and The Cover-Up

(photo by G. Morgan)
I have submitted requests to inspect public documents related to the recent Sexual Harassment Surveillance Scandal carried forth by the Mayor of Scottsboro against employees of the City of Scottsboro. Some of the requests have been denied or the records wrongfully destroyed. 

Further documents and results of findings are available but will not be listed at this time due to ongoing inquiries and investigations.

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