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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Scottsboro City Council Meeting Work Session, Lodging Tax Issue November 2, 2015 Mayors Race Begins with This Issue

Or, a tax to support the facilitation of the business of Tourism?

 In Alabama we call it a lodging tax,  Two citizens spoke on this issue. After the meeting I asked Chamber of Commerce CEO Rick Roden what did he think about the Mayors proposal, Mr. Roden's reply: "I hope they [city council] do their research and homework before they make a decision." He was referring to the Mayor's suggestion that Scottsboro should create an Event's Coordinator position from the Lodging Tax increase. The City of Scottsboro had an Events Coordinator prior to Mayor Potter's tenure. He terminated the position when he took office. Now he wants it back, primarily because a city council member was going to suggest this issue but, he did not get the opportunity, the current Mayor "beat him to the draw" on the issue. 

It has been reported that Brent Miller will run for Mayor in the upcoming election; apparently Mr. Miller was going to suggest that the Events Coordinator position be reinstated to the city council and Mayor. 



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