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Friday, December 4, 2015

The Nuclear Zombie - NRC- ASLB Hearing on TVA 's Bellefonte Units 3 & 4 Docket 52-014COL & 52-015COL, near Scottsboro, Alabama

The Nuclear Zombie by Edwin Vazquez - Fair Use Rights for Non-Profit News Reporting
The Bellefonte Facility is the Nuclear Zombie - It feeds on your money.

 TVA Annual Financial Statement 10K Sep 30, 2015

(TVA Sep 2015 10K page 83 & beyond)TVA's Assets are listed as $48.825 billion; Cash flow of $300 million; TVA's Liabilities, includes long term debt, are listed at $48.825; TVA's Long term debt interest is $22.792; TVA's short term debt is $1.099 billion; TVA's VIE debt $1.328 billion; TVA Pension shortage is $6.027 billion.

The bottom line of TVA is this: Assets are near >>$49 billion, liabilities are near >>$80 billion, ten year trend indicates increasing liabilities. Only a complete fool would think TVA can afford Bellefonte 3&4. It is questionable if they can afford Bellefonte 1&2.

Currently, out to 20 years, TVA admits there is no power need for Bellefonte 1&2. Considering the financial situation of TVA and the estimated costs of a Bellefonte 3&4 which is currently running $10-$15 billion in todays dollars per unit. 30 years out, construction time if Bellefonte 3-4 began 10 years out, the cost would be at least 50% to 75% higher bringing the costs conservatively to $15 to $22 billion per unit. 

Nuclear decommissioning fund listed on page 137 is $700 million short by TVA's estimate.  TVA's balance on their decommissioning fund is $1.5 billion; the actual cost of decommissioning 1 nuclear plant would exceed $700 million by todays cost estimates and may run as high as $1 billion, decommissioning is not counted in the above figures.

TVA cannot afford BFN 3&4, nor is there a power need at this time out to 2033,  TVA IRP https://www.tva.gov/file_source/TVA/Site%20Content/Environment/Environmental%20Stewardship/IRP/Documents/2015_irp.pdf  . To continue this charade wastes everyone's time, efforts and valuable financial assets. The COL for BFN 3&4 should be immediately terminated.

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Rockville, Maryland - December 4, 2015 NRC- ASLB Hearing on TVA 's Bellefonte Units 3 & 4 Docket 52-014COL & 52-015COL near Scottsboro, Alabama - Part 1 & 2 Video and Sound. All things about the Bellefonte Nuclear Facility on this blog. Including, how the "zombie" consumes your hard earned dollars.

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