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Monday, December 7, 2015

Jackson County Commission Work Session - False Statements on Court Documents from Court Referral and Community Corrections Request for Oversight, Jackson County Fire Association, Public Works Projects

Jackson County Courthouse, South Side - photo by G. Morgan 


Part 1 video, Community Corrections and Court Referral request for oversight; Jackson County Fire Association Presentation neseds.

Local insanity - the war on drugs takes on new meaning.

Court Referral and Community Corrections is needed, but it must be controlled as a government organization and never allowed to be formed into a non-profit, non-accountable organization with no oversight.

 Organized crime in our local judicial system? False statements, false accusations, false motions - how many judgments have been based on false claims? The entire judicial system where Community Corrections and Court Referral has been involved, should face an intensive forensic audit.

Oversight is needed and this bastard court non-profit corporation must end. This non-profit judicial organization claims to be just like the First Baptist Church, their records are not subject to public inspection.

Photo by G. Morgan
Motion containing false information from the district Attorney's Office - The Defendants color, which was "watermelon" was not called on the day stated, the methadone accusation is false.. The false accusation is based on a false statement from the Court Referral Community Corrections office, but this isn't the only false statement on a court document which has been demonstrated as false. 

There must be changes to the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections program, oversight is a must. Never should there be false information provided to the District Attorney’s Office from Court Referral and Community Corrections, which has occurred. 

Per the Code of Alabama, the Community Corrections and Court Referral System should be a county government managed organization with oversight under the laws of the State of Alabama; currently there is no oversight for this cash only operation. With no audits on file with the Alabama Department of Public Examiners since 2003 (Clarion article - http://www.theclarion.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9605:commission-requests-application-from-court-referral-&catid=42:clarion-rotation-stories&Itemid=142 ) the opportunity for corruption and misappropriation exists. Has misappropriation and corruption occurred - in my opinion YES. To demonstrate how it has occurred all one must do is look and read the IRS 990 form regarding Community Corrections 2013 filing and conflicts which exist with its director(s) and board membership. Board membership are in part the directors of the drug testing program, a business entity, and drug counseling programs, another non-profit entity receiving cash from those ordered to attend counseling from Community Corrections and Court Referral; other words, the non-profit Directors sitting on the Community Corrections Board profit from the contracts with drug testing and counseling services, they are the same people. The Director of  Community Corrections and Court Referral pays himself a hefty sum of money, estimated at approximately $87,000 annually since he owns the property of this parasitic non-profit organization. This filing may be found at  http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/631/631214254/631214254_201309_990.pdf?_ga=1.25720509.1859707969.1445884050

The filing of false statements before the court violates the law and compromises the entire judicial process. Poor people receive a minimalist defense in a court of law, then to have this type of judicial terrorism imposed on the poor is not right, it is beyond wrong, it is immoral and illegal.

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 Part 2 of the Jackson County Commission Work Session. Commissioner Ledwell donates $1000 from his salary to the Stevenson Public Library; Equipment purchases; land purchase at the County Park; Public Works road improvements and road classifications; speed limit discussion.

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