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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Regular Session August 22, 2016

Scottsboro City Hall, photo by G. Morgan

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I had received information regarding the Scottsboro Municipal Court being billed by the City Financial Department for $3000 per month for use of the court area. Below is listed the information regarding this billing. On 23 August I had a discussion with the Mayor of Scottsboro and the City's Director of Finance  Rick Wheeler. The line item on the budget regarding the $3000.00 per month has not been paid since 2014. Mr. Wheeler stated that currently there was only $1000 in the fund  The line item has been approved by the City Council as a regular annual budget item. General expenses for supplies, janitorial services, etc are absorbed by the Police Department. 
I was also informed that a letter of concern was forwarded to the Mayor and the Finance Director in 2011 by Judge Word, who was the City's Municipal Court Judge at that time. 

Request for Records was submitted to the City Magistrate, she did not produce the requested records, citing that Judge Word had informed her the budget information contained in that letter was confidential, I informed her that is wrong, all budget information and correspondence relating to budget information is open for public inspection unless there is a specific exemption, such as money for undercover operations of the Police Department, where there might be a specific exemption by law. A Request for Records was submitted to Mayor Potter for that information. As a result this info regarding the municipal court was provided

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Council Meeting Video

Continuation, Approval of election results

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