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Monday, October 24, 2016

Jackson County Commission Regular Session - Jackson County Community Corrections Audits October 24, 2016

South Side, Jackson County Courthouse, photo by G. Morgan


Reference item 1 on the agenda - Discussion regarding Letter of Support from the Jackson County Commission to Community Corrections. 
Several months previous this writer submitted a records request to the Jackson County Community Corrections and Court Referral, CC/CR, for audit and procedures documents. The court agency refused to produce the documents requested. However, presentations to the county commission resolved the issue. Below is the initial reply excerpt from their attorney regarding documents disclosures.
Multi-part articles articles from this blog related to a lack of disclosure and the shenanigans occuring at this governmental non-profit agency of the courts may be found at:  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Jackson%20County%20Community%20Corrections%20and%20Court%20Referral
There is the appearance that  the program was set up to be non-accountable. This agency of the state and county government is required to have a letter of support from the county commission. There were no documents on file at the county commission. Minimum accountability has been acquired as evidenced in the below documents and previous disclosures. All of this was so unnecessary - you would think the folks at Community Corrections would readily disclose important documents, however that was not the case. There are still unanswered, bothersome questions.
AUDIT Documents Released upon Records Request from the Jackson County Commission.
Thank you county commission, commissioners, and Community Corrections for these disclosures.

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