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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bellefonte Nuclear, Suit Filed in Federal Court-Press Release, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League


Yesterday the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed a Petition for Review in the US Court of Appeals of the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in Alabama. The League seeks judicial review of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s reinstatement of construction permits for two nuclear reactors, the so-called Bellefonte 1 and 2.

The League’s petition relies in part on a statement from a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission who voted against the Bellefonte Construction Permit. In January Commissioner Jaczko wrote, “There is an inherent danger in ignoring this obvious fact. Licenses exist for a purpose. We use them to fulfill our statutory mandate of protecting the public health and safety.”

Local residents supporting the League’s petition criticized the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s action. Louise Gorenflo, of the Bellefonte Efficiency and Sustainability Team in Chattanooga, said, “NRC’s mission is to protect public health. But they’re bending over backwards to accommodate TVA and ignoring their role as regulators.”

The League’s Science Director, Louis Zeller, said, “TVA has cannibalized its original plant, rendering it useless. The off-again, on-again history of this plant, the uncertain management, and the unprecedented reinstatement add up to a situation which is both dangerous and illegal.”

James B. Dougherty authored the March 30th petition to the court. This month the League hired Mr. Dougherty to work with them on the Bellefonte challenge.

The Bellefonte construction permit was first issued in 1974; construction was halted twice, in 1985 and 1994, before the permit was withdrawn in 2005. Since then, salvage operations have removed valuable components such as stainless steel pipes.
Points of Contact:
Louis Zeller (336) 982-2691 office, (336) 977-0852 cell
Louise Gorenflo (931) 484-2633
James Dougherty (202) 488-1140
Update April 1, 2009:
Interesting Article in this mornings Scottsboro Daily Sentinel newspaper. Headline Reads: "Group Tries To Block Bellefonte," true. What is not true is this statement in the article, refering to Units 1 & 2 Construction Permits, "The Commission voted 3-1 in February to reinstate construction permits..." that is not true and reflects the continuing stream of propaganda being pandered to the citizens about this project.
The truth is, not one, none, zilch, zero, -0- votes of approval were given to reinstate the construction permits. The vote results of the 4 NRC Commissioners were: 1-disapproved and 3 voted both disapproved and approved. There was NO VOTE OF APPROVAL. The single disapproved voter stated, "...there is an inherent danger in ignoring the obvious fact. Licenses exist for a purpose. We use them to fulfill our statutory mandate of protecting the public health and safety." This statement was made due to the NRC's policy concerning terminated and deferred status which states, "... a terminated plant is a nuclear power plant at which the licensee has announced that construction has been permanently stopped, but which still has a valid construction permit." There is no valid construction permit for Bellefonte Units 1 & 2, it was cancelled by the TVA. This policy statement was highlighted in COMMISSIONER SVINICKI's comments and rulings. The Commissioners which voted with Commissioner Svinicki's "disapproved-approved" vote each stated an agreement with her position.
It is significant that the NRC Staff Reviewer noted there could be no return to a terminated or deferred status of the Construction Permit as there is no Construction License in existence as required by NRC Policy as it was cancelled by the TVA.
However, the NRC Staff and the 3 Commissioners voting "approved-disapproved," with no single vote of approval, went ahead over the objections of the Senior Staff Reviewer and Commissioner Jaczko's protest and moved to reinstate a non-existing construction permit and placed the TVA's non-existant, previously cancelled permit into a terminated status in violation of the NRC's Policy and Regulatory Guidance.
This is the reason this case will be heard in the Federal Court System. It is also the reason the 3 Commissioners voted "approved-disapproved." There was no legal form or fashion they could vote Approved as there was no Construction Permit/License in existence, it had been cancelled.
The 3 errant Commissioners schemed to violate NRC Policy and circumvent procedures in the Nuclear Licensing Process. The question now arises, did the 3 Commissioners actions violate the Atomic Energy Act?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bellefonte and Nuclear Power, Truth and Deceit

The glow of the ghostly cooling towers of the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant. A plant which has never produced 1 KW of electrical power. Now the TVA, after canceling their construction permits have requested the permits to be reinstated for units 1&2. Units 1&2 have been stripped of equipment.
The issue of radioactive waste plagues the nuclear industry. President Obama cancelled further expenditures on the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository.

TVA's Bellefonte 4 Reactor Dream, estimated cost of construction for 4 units, 26 Billion Dollars (2013 cost-$36 billion). An amount equal to the TVA's current debt which is growing and approaches the $30 Billion Congressional mandated cap of TVA debt.
Salvaging Bellefonte: Article in Sunday's Chattanooga Times Free Press. http://timesfreepress.com/news/2009/mar/29/alabama-salvaging-bellefonte/ ( Comment attached to article.) Say no to Nuclear and yes to Natural Gas Combined Cycle, a plan approved by the TVA in 1997 as the most economical, feasible and ecologically sound. This method would produce approximately 2600MW of electrical power. http://www.tva.gov/environment/reports/bellefonte/exsum.pdf
This statement in the above article linked reflects the nuclear construction industry's propaganda in the article, it is false, it does not accurately reflect rate costs of nuclear or natural gas electrical power generation: "...nuclear plants are far less costly to operate, and the fuel, uranium, is cheaper than coal and natural gas. South Carolina Electric & Gas chose nuclear instead of natural gas to meet some of its power needs because it could produce electricity at retail rates of about 8 cents a kilowatt hour vs. about 10 cents with gas." This is typical of the ongoing deceit and propaganda promoted by the nuclear industry, nuclear lobbies and political supporters.
The nuclear industry executives and proponents care not for citizen safety and financial well being. It is all about the nuclear construction industry's bottom line and their fear that the risks and truth will be told. Therefore preventing the industry from reaping the hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money as there are no private corporations willing or able to finance construction.
Costs of nuclear power as reflected by the Nuclear Resource Information Services, NIRS: "Generation costs/kWh for new nuclear (including fuel & O&M but not distribution to customers)are likely to be from 25 - 30 cents/kWh...current costs of nuclear power are from 17-22 cents/kWh when the nuclear facilities come on-line." Full report:http://www.nirs.org/neconomics/nuclearcosts2009.pdf

Sunday, March 29, 2009


But not just any Vodka, Stolichnaya Vodka, as Russian as the Maskirovka.
Our President whooshed out of the sky and landed on the carrier deck and declared, "Mission Accomplished." Meanwhile, 5 years later, the mission is not accomplished. An example of failed maskirovka ? It would seem our nations politicians and bureaucrats are attempting to apply this Russian tactic, some successfully some not so successful.
One may ask, what is the maskirovka, it is Russian for the masquerade. I'm not talking about a masquerade ball, but there are similarities. Disinformation, misinformation applied as a strategic and tactical plan of action. The maskirovka is a Russian tried and true military principle of warfare and politics. Not many articles are wrote about this tactic and principle, however it is applied frequently and practiced widely. In simple terms, it is the masquerade, what seems to be the case, is not, what seems to be the truth, is not, what seems to be situational reality, is not. It is a strategy and tactics of a principle to deceive in order to win a battle, to win a strategic or tactical advantage in war or a political contest. True or false, an article about the maskirovka as it applies to Russia. http://www.qi.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=7495&start=0
Military and political application of the tactic, http://wheretheresawilliam.blogspot.com/2007/10/maskarovka.html pictures and article, http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/10/26/africa/26syria.php . What you see in the later article's pictures and words are purposeful and deceitful, the maskirovka applied. Can you spot the mask, the deceit? It is there, and it is very revealing militarily and politically if you take into context what allegedly occurred to this nuclear complex in Syria and the implications on world politics and stability. Is the building allegedly bombed camouflaged in the right picture? Was the site actually attacked? How many large bunkers do you see and was equipment moved into the bunkers?
Our nation applied the principle of maskirovka in their justification for the invasion of Iraq and in subsequent occasions concerning the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The true story of the WMD in Iraq is not what most think, it is a lie upon a lie upon a lie, the WMD were in fact found and are documented, but not "yellow cake uranium." A Tom Clancy thriller could be wrote about the application of the strategy, tactics of this principle and the subsequent results. The facts concerning the strategic application of the maskirovka are very chilling, taking into consideration our current world situation and the historical events of the past 2 decades and particularly the past 8 years.
Most Americans have been lead to believe that Russia's Army is demoralized and its equipment rusty, falling apart and no match for our superior fire power and technology. Is that true, is this a case of Maskirovka, but from which side? Watching the state of readiness and the technology depicted within this You Tube Video and the several other videos leads one to wonder about the state of military readiness and combat equipment of our old adversary, Russia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEGr4QXHJG4&feature=related I wonder who is applying the maskirovka?
The maskirovka was and is alive and well in Alabama with the Don Siegelman affair. Fortunately our Republic is alive and well and Mr. Siegelman is a convicted felon. Regardless of the attempts of the Democrats at implementing the strategy of the Russian Maskirovka.
It appears the TVA and now the NRC are applying the concept of the Maskirovka to facilitate the construction of the Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant and provide the nuclear power construction industry the billions and billions of government dollars a Bellefonte Nuclear project will cost.

Friday, March 27, 2009

TVA Irresponsibility, Vigilantism and Poor Decision Making.

Hydrilla, milfoil, and native aquatic plants north of Hwy 35 in Scottsboro. This is Dry Creek which flows into the Roseberry Creek area.
Milfoil and hydrilla makes for a green carpet in the North Sauty Creek area at Goose Pond Colony. Monster bass hang out in the shoal areas in the spring, summer and fall months using the weed cover and the numerous channels through the cover to ambush their prey.

Hydrilla, the culprit and reason for concern of local citizens. Unfortunately the TVA fails to meet their stewardship responsibilities in controlling this invasive plant. Local Citizens in Scottsboro have formed a vigilante non-profit group to take matters into their own hands. They have also convinced the Scottsboro City Council to participate in their ill advised plans.
What do you get when you combine TVA Irresponsibility, Vigilantism and Poor Decision Making? A Scottsboro City Council Decision which gives $42,500.00 of citizen tax payer money to an ill advised project where professional, scientific input was not acquired. But wait, there may be more money from other public entities to placate the influential vigilante citizens irresponsible actions.
Last year the TVA announced that it was not going to continue its aquatic nuisance species weed control. A responsibility which the largest governmental socialistic electrical utility has by law. They announced they would control invasive aquatic nuisance species only in public access areas and navigation channels. This immediately aroused the local lake homeowners who in turn demanded action from the TVA and local political entities.
Much debate ensued with the local Alabama Democrats meeting in several Committees as well as several meetings with the TVA massive buracracy. The results are very remarkable, zero, nothing, a lot of wasted energy-thus far. The TVA said we will get back with you by such and such date, "getting back" has never occured.
Energy misdirected.
Up steps a group of lakeside homeowners who complain their boat docks and the waterways where they live are being inundated with aquatic weeds and are inaccessible. As lack luster as the TVA is you should never deceive and exaggerate facts to a bureaucracy such as the TVA.
The lakeside homeowners formed a non-profit organization and named it Roseberry Creek Rescue Group. (Unfortunately the question now is who will rescue the poor citizen of Scottsboro from the lakeside home owners who have swindled $42,500 from the coffers of Scottsboro.) The group enlisted the services of a private contractor to kill the aquatic nuisance species blocking their boat docks. The same contractor the TVA has put out of work due to their cut back of controlling aquatic weeds. The contractor comes forward and states, I will resolve all of your problems, give me $170,000.
The proposed contractor, the Roseberry Rescue Group nor the City of Scottsboro, in the several public meetings, has never requested nor allowed any input from any State Biologist or professional scientist of any biological, ecological, or environmental discipline that would serve as a disinterested party to effectively evaluate any plans professionally and scientifically brought forward by the group.
Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law.
The jurisdiction of the Resource which we call the Tennessee River, Guntersville Lake and specifically Roseberry Creek falls under the domain of the Federal Government and the State of Alabama. The City of Scottsboro nor the Roseberry Rescue group have no authority to participate in the destruction, elimination or poisoning of any species of flora and fauna of the river or lake. If they go ahead with their venture they will effectively be a group of lawless ecological vigilantes. The responsible Federal and State Agencies are the TVA and the Alabama Department of Conservation. Here is the TVA's official policy on jurisdiction and responsibility of Aquatic Weed Control, http://www.tva.gov/rrsc/readingroom/aquaplantrec.htm. State of Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force information, http://www.outdooralabama.com/education/generalinfo/ans/plan/AlANSPlan200812.pdf and hydrilla info, http://www.anstaskforce.gov/spoc/hydrilla.php
Roseberry Creek has an invasive species problem and responsible planned action must be taken to resolve the problem. The failure of TVA to meet their responsibilities concerning stewardship of the mighty Tennessee River does not justify poor decisions without professional, scientific input to plan and resolve the problem permanently.
There are many factors involved ie, sewage and runoff pollution, exasperating an existing ecological problem by enabling an avenue of a more serious proliferation by organisms such as Lyngbya alga to become dominate in Roseberry Creek; the avenue and frequency of dispersion of chemicals in this wide area must also be taken into consideration, it may require a period of years to have the best control of nuisance aquatic weeds. Endangered species might be in the area such as mussels and darters in Dry Creek and Roseberry Creek. The widespread use of Flouridone in the Roseberry Creek area in all likely hood will create other problems such as that with Lyngbya alga which sometimes takes over when hydrilla is controlled. Creates toxins and clogs water systems, a very difficult to control alga. Blue green filamentous algae is present and proliferates when aquatic weed control measures have been applied to the shoreline of Roseberry Creek in past years.
A professional, scientific, joint agency approach to controlling this problem is necessary with public input. A single group of citizens taking the law into their hands and convincing the local political municipal body that their scheme should be financed all the while discarding the principles of science to resolve a perplexing Biological and Ecological issue is unacceptable conduct by those participating in this scheme. That is my opinion on this issue as supported by all available scientific and legal material that I have gathered and listed in the linked documents, including just plain good and common sense of the responsible citizen.
Extensive listings and research material from this blog involving the TVA and Aquatic Nuisance Species: http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/TVA%20Aquatic%20Weed%20Control

(end edit 3PM 03/27/2009)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Scottsboro City Council Meeting and Work Session

The City Council approved a $42,000 disbursement, with stipulations, to control aquatic nuisance species around private boat docks.
Tonight a joint session was held, first a work session then a regular council meeting.
1) Name change of Island Drive on Goosepond Island to Goose Pond Island Drive, approved. 2) Surplus Property declaration at Street Department, 2 John Deer Tractors, approved. 3) Resolution with State Department of Transportation concerning access road north of Deals on Wheels, approved. 4) Road block request from Shriner's for the period of April 5 for the area of County Park Rd. and Hwy 72. 5) Bid opening for Animal Shelter kennels and runs for $95K and some change, tabled awaiting county Commission input. 6) Approval for transfer of $300,000 into Street Department Paving Account. 7) Additional funds for Planning Department approved in the amount of $7500. This money will be utilized for the hiring of a City Engineer. (Mr. Curtis Davis, City Planner, last day at work was last Wednesday.) 8) Surplus property declaration for Planning Department. 9) Pharmacy Card Program approved for the citizens of Scottsboro allowing for 20% off prescriptions for all citizens who do not have insurance. This is a no cost program for the tax payers. This program was brought home from the League of Municipalities meeting in Washington last week. 10) A Cost of Living Increase was approved at 2% for City Employees effective April 1. 11) Roseberry Rescue Group requested $42,500 from the City of Scottsboro for the cleanup of aquatic weeds around their private boat docks. The Council approved this request with the stipulation that other sources must equally fund this project. The County Commission did not fund the requested $42,000. It was reported by the group the Jackson County Legislative Delegation will receive a request for this project. The Roseberry Group and the council stated that most citizens support the city utilizing taxpayer money to clean up aquatic weeds around private boat owners docks. That is not a true statement. I have discovered that the City Council did not consult with any State Department of Conservation Biologist or Fisheries Specialist prior to approving this project. The City Council President was given information concerning the Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Task Force and other information concerning Aquatic Nuisance Species, http://www.outdooralabama.com/education/generalinfo/ans/plan/AlANSPlan200812.pdf other council members indicated to me they have never heard of the Alabama Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force.
Story from Huntsville Times on Roseberry Rescue Group. http://blog.al.com/breaking/2009/03/roseberry_scottsboro_roseberry.html

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Violating Own Rules and Proceedure??

TVA's $20 Billion Bellefonte Dream, 4 Reactors. Seems the safety of radioactive waste storage and enforcement of NRC's current licensing requirements has been called into question along with allegations the NRC is circumventing the legal process of licensing thru secretive process.

"Yesterday in a flurry of legal activity the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League filed new arguments opposing nuclear reactor licenses in Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama." Part of the brief filed on March 9th read, “The NRC’s secrecy is unnecessary, corrosive to the NRC’s system of accountability through open decision-making, and potentially dangerous because the decision-making process was not only secret but was restricted to the NRC and a limited group of individuals with a vested interest in minimizing the cost of mitigative measures, i.e., reactor licensees”

A sub-title, when will bureaucrats learn they have a responsibility to the law and their own policy. Press release from the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League. http://www.bredl.org/press/2009/newnukesmustwait031009.htm

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Old Business: 1) Alcohol Beverage License for Pamela Smith, Wild Horse Saloon, approved. The old Phoenix Club on S. Broad St. beside Tate's BBQ. 2) Councilman Thermon Bell's appointment to Abatement Board, Mr. Clifford Parrish.
New Business: 1) Resolution declaring surplus property at the airport approved, mini van. (Governmental property must be declared surplus prior to sale.) 2) Incode Software Training Program approved for employees of the Police Dept., City Courts, City Finance and Accounting, cost $2150. 3) Mayors appointment to Housing Authority, Mr. Bill Burrows. 4) Alcohol Beverage License Hearing, Beer for Mr. Zong D. Yuan, #1 China Buffet, 23065 John T. Reid Pkwy, approved. 5) Resolution declaring surplus property at Fire Department, Chevy pick-up, approved. 6) Personnel Board appointment, Mr. Goodowin, and Ms. Sebring reappointed. 7) Bid opening for 8 defibrillators at various city buildings in Scottsboro. Low bid was awarded to "Stop Heart Attack" for $10,833.00. Cabinets and a training module is also included with the package. 8) Approval for 2 mowers to be declared declared excess at Rec-Com, mowers to be traded for new larger mower. 9) Mr. Parrish of the Multi-Cultural Heritage Association spoke about community cleanup. He recommended citizens become involved in their community. He stated May is community cleanup month.
Reports: 1) Mayor Potter announced that John Manville Inc. has been allowed to utilize the Goose Pond Civic Center for product display. The Mayor stated the Manville Company has donated materials to repair the roof on the Civic Center. Mayor Potter reported that installation of the materials were estimated at $25K-$35K. (Info comment: The roof of the Civic Center has been leaking for several years and neglect of the structure has caused damage to the ceiling structures and fixtures.) 2) The Mayor discussed Fuel Tax Revenue for Jackson County and meeting of the North Alabama Transportation Association. Alabama will receive $500 million in Federal Transportation Infra-structure funds in the Government Stimulus package. (Info comment: There has been considerable discussion in the U.S. Congress as of late to increase Fuel Taxes. The 500 million bucks comes no where near providing needed financial help for Alabama's Transportation Infra-structure. This is Washington Federal politics at work. The majority of Alabama's Congressional representatives do not support President Obama's Federal Stimulus package. The result, very little money for needed projects. An increase in fuel taxes will result in higher prices and continued inflation, inflation which the federal government continuously denies.) 3) The Mayor states he, the Jackson Co. Commission Chairperson, members of the EDA, IDB and others will be traveling to Montgomery to discuss plans and ideas to bring business into Jackson County and Scottsboro. 4) Mayor reported that he had been notified by the Post Office that there are 2 streets named "Island Drive" within the Scottsboro 35769 zip code. It was discussed at the next council Meeting that a resolution will be made to change the Goose Pond Island street with that name to "Goose Pond Island Drive." The other Island Drive is out of the Scottsboro City Limits but is a Scottsboro Zip Code. 4) Mr. Thomas thanked the Scottsboro Police Department and Chief Dawe for a job well done in resolving the murder of a local Scottsboro man last week. Mr. Thomas stated an arrest was made within 24 hours after the discovery of the body. 5) Mr. Hodges announced the next work session will be held on the 23rd of March as next Monday, Mar. 16, 2009, members of the City Council will be in Washington, D.C for their annual meeting with Federal Legislative members and their staffs. During this time frame local government officials continuing education and Congressional lobbying occurs to acquire Federal Funds for local projects and programs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out of Bureaucracy Comes More Bureacracy--Green Tape/Red Tape

>>>Ms. Karen Harbert, Director Institute for the 21st Century<<<<<<
I subscribe to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for 21st Century Energy Newsletter, I like what it has to say about "cutting" the obstacles for progress. I agree with Ms. Harbert in her presentation which I present for your consideration. (My comments to the article are in red.)
We hear a lot today about generating green jobs along with green power and fuel. But as Congress just passed a stimulus package with tens of billions of dollars in spending for clean energy and infrastructure projects, we have to ask ourselves what are the odds these projects will go forward when existing projects are being stymied.
The fact is, our energy sector suffers from a lengthy, unpredictable, and needlessly complex regulatory maze that delays, if not halts entirely, construction of new energy infrastructure. Federal and state environmental statutes-such as the National Environmental Policy Act, state siting and permitting regulations, and a 'build absolutely nothing anywhere near anything" mentality routinely are used to block construction and expansion of everything from transmission lines to power plants-and the economic activity and high-paying jobs that go with them.
And just because a project is "green" does not mean it fares any better. Indeed, it has become too easy for energy projects of any hue to be wrapped up in "green tape." For instance, renewable energy projects and related infrastructure have recently been snagged, sued, or blocked in Idaho, New Hampshire, Kansas, New York, California, Maine, Pennsylvania, Texas, Massachusetts-home of the by-now infamous Cape Wind project-Virginia, and other states over environmental concerns. Moreover, the American Wind Energy Association reports that the review processes at many federal agencies are making it difficult to accommodate the growth of wind energy on federal lands.Even if renewable projects can be permitted and built, many investors are still wary of these projects because it is so difficult to site the transmission lines needed to bring the electricity to consumers. Where these cross state lines, multiple jurisdictions become involved. One power company spent 13 years getting federal and state permits for a 90-mile interstate power line that took less than three years to build.
Even if renewable projects can be permitted and built, many investors are still wary of these projects because it is so difficult to site the transmission lines needed to bring the electricity to consumers. Where these cross state lines, multiple jurisdictions become involved. One power company spent 13 years getting federal and state permits for a 90-mile interstate power line that took less than three years to build.
The stimulus legislation commits $11 billion to initiate the build out of a "smart grid" to support the expected growth of renewable power generation like wind, solar, and geothermal. But this money is largely unnecessary and does not address the actual obstacles to building new transmission lines...the siting process.
Under the Natural Gas Act, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has the authority, including eminent domain, to work with the states to site natural gas pipelines. Extending this authority to electricity transmission and other interstate energy infrastructure would simplify a time-consuming process and represent a huge step towards greater energy security.
Reforming NEPA is another way to get infrastructure projects moving ahead quickly. This Act is used by many groups to bring a swift halt to projects they oppose. Excluding actions that do not to have a significant impact on the environment and setting strict time limits for final decisions could lessen the opportunities for abuse and avoid indefinite project delays.
Also looming over the nation's economic woes is the expectation that the Environmental Protection Agency will move ahead with regulating carbon dioxide emissions under the Clean Air Act, a law neither designed for nor suited to the task. EPA proposes that it can use its newly-discovered authorities under the Act to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from cars, trucks, planes, trains, boats, office buildings, refineries, pipelines, boilers, landfills, manufacturing plants, tractors, lawnmowers, motorcycles, schools, hospitals, breweries, bakeries, farms, and countless other sources large and small.
These sweeping new rules would have a chilling-indeed, freezing-effect on economic activity and derail many of the energy and other infrastructure projects the stimulus bill was crafted to facilitate, dealing a devastating blow to the U.S. economy at exactly the wrong time. A recent Heritage Foundation analysis found that a regulatory program of the magnitude contemplated by EPA would raise energy prices, cost an average $339 billion each year through 2029, and wipe out up to three million manufacturing jobs. We need a stimulus for businesses and workers, not activists and lawyers. ( The citizens do need the truth from corporations or government agencies that propose to build energy infrastructure. Not propaganda spilled forth into communities in order to promote a project. Environmental Impact and Safety studies are important and may disclose hidden risks that must be disclosed. There seems to be a pattern, particularly in the nuclear industry, where government and corporations do not disclose all risks to the public.

There is a reluctance within the TVA area of operations to disclose Financial Costs of Nuclear Projects in order to effectively compare costs with alternative energy projects. Disclosure of costs and risks are necessary.)
Enactment of the economic recovery package represents a lost opportunity for making regulatory changes to significantly eliminate green tape. As Congress turns its attention to broad-based energy legislation, it has another opportunity to lift this cloud of regulatory uncertainty by denying EPA the authority to regulate carbon dioxide under the Act. We deserve an open debate on a sensible approach to addressing carbon dioxide emissions, not an opaque back door scheme.
History has shown that economic growth is a prerequisite for, not a result of, environmental stewardship. If we are serious about stimulating the economy, diversifying America's energy supply, and creating green jobs, then we need to cut some of the red tape-and the green tape, too-that unnecessarily delays energy projects.
Karen Harbert is President and CEO of the Institute for 21st Century Energy, an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
Ms Harbert brings to light valid points in expanding our energy infra-structure. Laws must be designed in order to promote development, not hinder our progress into the 21st Century and competition in the worlds open trade markets. We can show concern over our enviroment while moving forward with "green energy infrastructure."
U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Energy Transition Plan: http://energyxxi.org/reports/Transition_Plan.pdf

Monday, March 2, 2009

Scottsboro City Council Work Session

1) Scottsboro Wild Horse Saloon discussion, Ms. Pamela Smith license applicant was present. The discussion concerning the name of Scottsboro in the bars description was the topic of discussion. Mr. Smith mentioned that it would be beneficial to the city if Alcohol Beverage Applicants be present during the hearing phase of the license application before the City Council. 2) Rick Wheeler discussed software training program for City Court, Police, and Financial services employees. This training program would cost the city $2150.00. The need for increasing information security within the city was also discussed. 3) Surplus property at Airport, 1992 Chevy Astro Van. 4) 3 vacancies on the Historical Preservation Board. Interested citizens should have their applications turned into the City Clerk by 12 noon, Thursday, April 2, 2009. 5) 2 vacancies on Architectural Review Board. Interested citizens should have their applications turned into the City Clerk by 12 noon, Thursday, April 2, 2009. 6) Surplus property at Fire Department, 1985, Chevrolet pick-up. 7) Citizen Concern: A resident who resides on Moody Ridge Rd. stated that tractor an trailer vehicles have been coming down Moody Ridge Rd., despite Warning Signs and a city ordinance prohibiting tractor and trailers on Moody Ridge Rd., knocking over mail boxes and stop signs. Police Chief will discuss the issue and help the citizen to resolve the problem. 8) Reports: a. The Mayor reported that he hoped the Aquatic Weed Control issue will be resolved shortly. Mayor Potter mentioned Hollice Kendricks dedicated efforts and contributions to the City of Scottsboro, Mr. Kendricks passed away this past Friday. b. Mr. Speers offered a thank you to all who contributed to Black History month. c. Mr. Thomas mentioned the Habitat for Humanity Chili Cook-off was a success. d. Mr. Hodges mentioned that the Council will be looking at revising the City Zoning Regulations shortly.