"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jackson County Park; Jackson County Commission Causes Uncertainty for Campers and Boaters.

The Jackson County Park staff have worked diligently to cleanup and restore the County Park after last years storms destroyed most of the campground at the park. The Jackson County Commission should be working with the County Park Board instead of working against them and creating problems at the park. Link to the Jackson County Commission meeting. http://arklite.blogspot.com/2010/04/jackson-county-commission-commission.html
Jackson County Park prior to the 2009 early spring storms.

Campers and boat owners at Jackson County Park are upset at the Jackson County Commission for their recent action attempting to remove the authority of the Jackson County Park Board. Because of the commissions actions campground representatives stated tonight at the Jackson County Park Board meeting that several campers will move due to the uncertainty created by the County Commission. The commission's actions related to the county park creates further uncertainty and a loss of revenue for the Jackson County Park.
A question one might ask, which storm will cause the most destruction, the county commission's storm of incompetent actions or the spring storm of 2009?

The County Park Board's Attorney, Mr. Gary Lackey, has filed a legal action in the attempt to block the county commission's ill advised action. Mr. Lackey stated at this evenings county park board meeting that he believes the county commissioners are overstepping their authority and has asked the Circuit Court of Jackson County to issue a ruling on the matter.

The county commission is attempting to seize the park board funds and property but leave the existing county park board intact. Commissioner Clemmons stated at a recent commission meeting that he believed the county park's money should be used to support other parks in Jackson County. Daily Sentinel link to the April 15 county commission story http://thedailysentinel.com/story.lasso?ewcd=c866e67b666885ea

In December of 2004 I made inquiry to the Jackson County Park Board and the Jackson County Commission concerning the operations authority of the Jackson County Park Board and their relationship to the Jackson County Commission. The following is a direct quote in a letter from Jackson County Commission Attorney John Porter, Esquire relating to me the relationship between the Jackson County Park and the Jackson County Commission. "The Park Board is solely responsible for the operation of the Park and the day to day activities that occur there. Fifty years ago, the governing body of the county empowered the Park Board to mange and operate the Park and the Park receives no appropriations of public funds...Certainly the County Commission does not control the operations of the Park Board or the management of the Park...issues should be directed to the Jackson County Park Board."

It is important to draw attention to the original lease of the property between the TVA and Jackson County. The following is specified in the TVA lease as documented in the Jackson County Board of Revenue Minutes February 21, 1955, "The Jackson County Board of Revenue (Jackson County Commission) shall appoint a Park and Recreation Board to administer the affairs of the said park..." the entry goes on to name the original appointed members of the Jackson County Park and Recreation Board. The entry also states, "... [Park and Recreation Board] Resolution be passed and made part of the said agreement..." The lease agreement between the TVA and Jackson County specifically includes the Park and Recreation Board to include the Park and Recreation Board's administration of the Jackson County Park as an integral part and condition of the original lease agreement.

The question now becomes, will the Jackson County Commissions actions make null and void the original lease agreement between the TVA and the Jackson County Commission? Does the county commission know what they are doing?

The Jackson County Park has come a long way. 6 years ago the park did not have any rules governing park operations and they were having problems related to accounting practices. The park, under the current management, has implemented a set of policy and proceedures which guide the park's managers in the management of the Jackson County Park. Their accounting proceedures have improved greatly and the average citizen may walk in and discuss the park's accounts and records without hassle, the staff willingly cooperates. This was not the case 6 years ago.

The Jackson County Commission's attempt to undermine and destroy the diligent and hard work which the current Jackson County Park staff have put forward in improving the parks operations is a display of incompetent leadership on the part of the current county commission. After all the problems the commission has created, one would think they would remain low key. But no, they must create further destruction

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jackson County Commission Chooses County Engineer; Missing a Member of the Press.

David Brewer, retired Huntsville Times reporter on left, discusses the Scottsboro Boys Museum with Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter and Ms. Sheila Washington, museum executive board chairperson. This was one of the last series of stories David covered before the Huntsville Times closed the long time Jackson County Bureau Office.
The big news from the Jackson County Commission today is the choice of a County Engineer. Mr. Phillip Widner of Dekalb County was chosen as the new County Engineer.
The County Commission also approved a resolution pertaining to Recovery Zone Bonds. $1.25 million will go to the City of Stevenson and $3.45 million will go to the City of Scottsboro
Missing a member of the press. The Huntsville Times decision to close the long time Jackson County Bureau has resulted in this blogger missing the writings of David Brewer.
The Times office closing in Scottsboro has effectively removed Scottsboro and Jackson County news from the national news stream originating from the Huntsville Times, part of the Advance family of news agencies which includes the Birmingham News, Mobile-Press Register, and "al.com," news and discussion media outlet via the internet http://www.al.com/ .
One of the last series of stories David covered was that of the Scottsboro Boys Museum. He performed a brilliant job on covering the story. His stories of the museum resulted in nation wide AP news coverage and national recognition for the museum. http://scottsborostories.blogspot.com/2010/02/dedication-of-scottsboro-boys-museum.html
I always enjoyed reading David's articles about the commission, city council and the important local interest stories. But more importantly, our local news has closed in on itself as a result of a missing member of the press. David your spot on the front row is vacant, your writing and coverage of Jackson County news was greatly appreciated and not forgotten.

Scottsboro City Council Meeting and Continuation on April 28, 2010 for Bond Issue

Scottsboro City Council President Matthew Hodges

Council Member Keith Smith.

Council Member Terry Thomas.

Council Member Gary Speers.

Council Member Thermon Bell.

Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter.

Mr. Steve Kennamer, City Attorney.

Ms. Cathy O'Shields, City Clerk .
Monday evening was a regular meeting of the Scottsboro City Council. There was no old business. The council meeting will be be continued Wednesday afternoon at 4:30PM.
New Business: 1) Vacancy on the Electric Power Board, applications for this appointment must be turned in to the City Clerk by 4:30PM, May 14, 2010. 2) Vacancy on the Scottsboro Parks and Recreation Board, known as the Goosepond Colony Park Board. applications for this board must be turned in to the City Clerk by 4:30PM, May 14, 2010. 3) One appointment for the Historical Preservation Commission was made, Ms. Ann Chambliss was reappointed. There is one additional vacancy, interested citizens may contact the City Clerk at 574-3100 to receive information on this appointment. 4) CDG Engineering contract for landfill approved for methane capture project. 5) Resolution for sale of old Police Station on John T. Reed Parkway. Discussion ensued concerning whether the city will have an auction or will go with sealed bids for the property. The auction route was decided but depends on whether an auctioneer can be hired according to the city's terms. 6) Commercial Development Authority, CDA, selection: Place 1-Janet Sage, term expires Mar.15, 2011; Place 2- Scott Berry, term expires Mar. 15, 2011; Place 3- Linda Bray, term expires Mar. 15, 2013; Place 4- Bob Cuthbertson, term expires Mar. 15, 2015; Place 5- Tony Kaschak, term expires Mar. 15, 2013 7) Architectural Review Board, Ms. Babs Williams and Ms. Lynette Nicholas will be reappointed. 8) Discussion of Recovery Zone Bonds, $4.6 million available, resolution for approval needed. 9) Vote on whether to make Department Heads classified, permanent employees or remain as non-classified, appointed employees. Vote was 4 to 1, remain as appointed officials. The Police chief and the City Clerk is required by state law to be appointed officials. Mr. Smith disagreed with the majority, he has stated that Department Heads should be classified employees. (I agree with Mr. Smith, however, Department Heads should not be moved into the classified employee status until a system of objective Performance Standards are implemented as suggested by previous investigations into Scottsboro's Personnel Management System failures.)
Reports: Mayor stated that a $25K check had been received by the city for the use of street repairs from the Scottsboro Water, Sewer and Gas Board.
UPDATE: April 28, 2010- Continuation of Mondays regular city council meeting. 1) The purpose of the continuation was to approve a resolution related to bonds of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Federal Government will pay 45% of the bonds interest rates. a) The City of Scottsboro has been designated as a Recovery Zone. b) Capital investments within the city will be used for public parks and recreation facilities. c) Cap being $3,315,000 in a series of general obligation warrants. 2) Bond Council was appointed, the firm of Bradley, Arant, Boult, and Cummings LLP. Individual council for the firm for this bond issue will be Mr. Alan Ziegler, Esquire. The bond underwriter is Morgan -Keegan of Birmingham, Al.
Mr. Hodges, Mr. Smith and Mr. Bell were present, Mr. Speers and Mr. Thomas were working.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Not So Happy Anniversary of a Radioactive Atomic Power Disaster

A not so Happy Anniversary nuclear industry to the largest nuclear disaster of all time. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/04/26/AR2010042601419.html Millions sickened and dying.

POLITICAL HYPOCRITES- Stop nuclear subsidies and further socialistic expansion of our governments debt via nuclear power corporate welfare. "Not one cent for the poor and sick, billions for the nuclear industry." http://www.pottsmerc.com/articles/2010/04/24/opinion/srv0000008081225.txt

The truth of 3 Mile Island: "Human infant deaths in the forms of miscarriages, stillbirths, and crib deaths soared for the period of April through September." http://www.boisestate.edu/history/ncasner/hy210/3mile.htm

Intentional deceit concerning radioactive contamination of the area surrounding the 3 Mile Island nuclear accident. The deceit of the 3 Mile Island accident is reflected in NRC policy today. http://www.counterpunch.org/wasserman03242009.html

Shortcuts to disaster: The nuclear construction license reinstatement was approved for Bellefonte without one vote of approval by the NRC Board, 1 vote disapproved, 3 votes jointly approved/disapproved. The vote was described as "unprecedented" by the chairperson of the commission. However, the NRC went ahead and granted reinstating the previously cancelled construction license for the sole purpose of avoiding newly implemented controls and proceedures of current new nuclear construction license applicants.

" What good fortune for governments that the people do not think." Adolph Hitler

Monday, April 19, 2010

Scottsboro City Council Work Session

Scottsboro Police Department and City Jail

Monday night work session agenda. 1) Discussion on review of CDA, Commercial Development Authority, applications. Appointments will be made for next Monday. 2) Discussion on reclassification of Department Heads from appointed officials, non-classified, to hired officials classified. There are two positions within city government that must be appointed, non-classified positions, the City Clerk and the Police Chief. 3) Discussion on Public Hearing for new Zoning Ordinace. Zoning Ordinace draft may be viewed at http://www.cityofscottsboro.org/index.phpoption=com_content&task=view&id=121&Itemid=207

4) Discussion on whether sale of old Police Department building should be by sealed bid or public auction. 5) Solid Waste Methane Recovery Project discussion, CDG Engineering proposal brought forward. Related to the Solid Waste Department, an ADEM Grant has been approved for Scottsboro's Recycling program. The grant amount is unknown according to Mr. Blizzard.

Citizen Remarks: Mr. Marvin Holcomb requested a contract be approved for him to mow the city boat ramps. This is the third time Mr. Holcomb has requested he be paid to mow the boat ramps in the city limits.

Reports: 1) Boy Scout Troop 220 delivered the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Spears gave a special recognition to the Scouts. 2) Fire Department received a $24,000 cost share grant for the purchase of new equipment. 3) Mr. Smith: "We hope the CDA (Commercial Development Authority) will be successful... some have had negative comments about the CDA. We all win if the CDA is successful and we all loose if it is not.

TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority, Board Meeting April 16,2010, TVA Debt and Environmental Stewardship

TVA Board met in Knoxville, Tn. on 16 April, 2010. Bellefonte Nuclear Plant discussed.
New Board Chairman effective May 18, 2010. Dennis Bottorff of Nashville, TN, serves as chairman and partner of Council Ventures, a venture capital firm. He was chairman of AmSouth Bancorporation in Nashville until his retirement in 2001 and previously was chief executive officer of First American Bank. His term expires May 18, 2011.

Current TVA Board Chairman Mike Duncan resigns effective May 18, 2010. Chairman Mike Duncan of Inez, KY, is chairman, chief executive officer, and director of Community Holding Co.; chairman, CEO, and director of Inez Deposit Bank. He is a director of the regional Center for Rural Development. His term expires May 18, 2011. Chattanooga Times Free Press article of chairman change. http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2010/apr/16/tva-elects-new-chairman/?breakingnews

TVA Board Meeting April 16,2010 video link may be found at http://www.tva.gov/abouttva/board/ Scroll down to the April 16 Board Meeting, click on the video link.

The following is my 3 minute presentation made to the TVA Board during their listening session for TVA Stakeholders..

"Honorable members of the TVA Board, this opportunity to speak before you is greatly appreciated. My presentation today concerns TVA Debt and Environmental Stewardship."

"TVA Executive Management is requesting the debt ceiling be raised from the mandated Congressional Cap of $30 Billion dollars to an undisclosed increase in the debt ceiling."

"TVA's debt is approximately $23 billion, debt interest is $22 billion, long term commitments and contingencies are approximately $66 billion which includes debt and debt interest. These are the figures reflected in TVA's February 2010 10Q quarterly Financial Report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission."

"Ladies and Gentleman of the TVA, to raise the debt limit to an undisclosed or for that matter any increase is unacceptable."

"The TVA Act requires you to produce affordable power for citizens of the TVA area. You do a wonderful job at keeping the lights on and the machines running. You know and I know that upgrades of current power production facilities are needed."

"With current trends of decreased electricity demand can you afford to proceed with the astronomical cost of nuclear power?Don't you think 800 mega watt combined cycle natural gas plants are far more economical?"

"The TVA Act requires environmental stewardship of the natural resources under your purview. Ladies and gentleman of the TVA you are lacking in this critical area."

"You have neglected your coal fired plant operations to such an extent engineering failures have occurred and polluted the resources which you are responsible. That is not all you have neglected."

"You have neglected the fishery by not controlling aquatic nuisance weed species. Your neglect in this area has resulted in environmental vigilantism by private citizens attempting to poison and control aquatic nuisance weed species on Lake Guntersville in Northeastern Alabama. "

"It is your responsibility to control nuisance aquatic species. TVA's failure to do so has resulted in the uncontrolled use of poisons on Lake Guntersville. TVA should be partnering and working with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Alabama's Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force to resolve this complicated problem. Why are you not working in a partnership to facilitate a long term solution to the weed control problem on Lake Guntersville instead of encouraging environmental vigilantism?"

"Our local legislators have informed the community that poisons such as battery acid, anti-freeze and even military defoliants are being dumped into Lake Guntersville to control aquatic nuisance weed species."

"Please be responsible and fulfill your environmental stewardship responsibilities."

"Do not raise the debt ceiling, get your debt under control."

"Thank you for your time."

The big questions, does anyone care that the TVA has a massive debt and they are failing to meet their environmental stewardship reponsibilities?


Monday, April 12, 2010


Jackson County Park Board. After today's Jackson County Commission meeting there is a big question concerning the existing Jackson County Park Board and park employees. The County Commission is incapable of taking care of their business, now they must mess up the rest of the county. If last years storms did not create enough damage, the county commission now inserts their incompetency into the county parks business. Mr. Allen and Mr. Smith did not vote to further exasperate the county parks problems. Mr. Clemmons, Mr. Stone and Ms. Bias were the decision makers in this problem creation.

Have you incompetent rascals of county government not messed up county government enough? Now you attempt to destroy the park as well!
Remember your current Jackson County Commission come election time. From left to right: Mr Gaylen Stone, Mr. Horrace Clemmons, Ms. Sadie Bias-Chairperson, (Ms. Sandra Erickson is our County Administrator seated between Ms. Bias and Mr. Smith, we are very fortunate to have Ms. Erickson. I shudder to think of the condition of our county government without her expertise.) Mr. Jack Smith, Mr Jack Allen.

Note item N on the above image. Seems the commission decided on more than procedure and decorum in the mediation session. (Click on the image to expand view.)

The big news for today's County Commission meeting, Commission abolishes authority of Jackson County Park Board. Mr. Stone and Mr. Clemmons voted for a resolution to create a Jackson County Parks and Recreation Board, managing all parks within Jackson County, Mr. Smith and Mr. Allen voted no on the resolution, Ms. Bias broke the tie vote. The decision also included extending all employees and contracts for the Jackson County Park for the period of 30 Days. After that, who knows?? (It has been revealed the statement by the county attorney extending contracts and employees for 30 days was all smoke and mirrors. The Park Boards attorney, Mr. Gary Lackey, revealed at the Apr. 28th Park Board meeting there is no extension of contracts or employees.)
The County Attorney responded to questions after the meeting concerning this issue. The resolution passed will terminate/abolish the authority of the current Jackson County Park Board. However, the current Park Board will remain in place but have no authority. In its place the County Commission will appoint a county wide park board to manage all Jackson County Parks. The resolution, according to the County Administrator, can not be released until after the next regular commission meeting.
In other SOUR news from the county commission circus. Apparently the mediation which took place resulted in other decisions not so ordered by Judge Holt. Seems there were changes decided upon concerning the Jackson County Personnel Policy. The sole purpose of the mediation was to work out commission decorum and proceedures policy in accordance with the laws of the state. According to today's agenda, item N on the agenda page pictured above, the mediation went beyond that scope and apparently a decision was made to amend the personnel policy of the County Commission. The formal decision today was merely a rubber stamp action.
The Alabama Open Meetings Law requires all deliberations be performed in the open meeting. Apparently a new loophole for secrecy has been discovered by our elected politicians. I do say politicians, leaders they are not, creators of costly problems and subversion of open government under the pretense of mediation is the new avenue for secrecy. It is this writers opinion the Jackson County Circuit Court bares part of the responsibility in this action.
Mediation, the new tyranny of government action, our local county court and county commission devise plan of secrecy. The county courts and the commission have a history of secrecy. Since when have mediation rules enabled violations of Alabama's Open Meetings Act? What's next county commission and courts, more secret decision making?
How much damage will this commission cause to our local county government?
County Court and County Legislative Body schemes of secrecy, there have been stern warnings about legislative interaction with the judicial branch of government. The court's decision allowed the government body to conduct deliberations in secret. A clear violation of the Open Meetings law. The commission's agenda, item N, is prima facia evidence supporting the claim.
UPDATE: April 15, 2010, Articles link from Scottsboro's Daily Sentinel. "Its a Merry-Go Round "http://www.thedailysentinel.com/story.lasso?ewcd=3955295bf40909ee
"Commission Reverts to Old Personnel Policy" http://www.thedailysentinel.com/story.lasso?ewcd=9669f385a4c481c1

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Scottsboro City Council

The Scottsboro City Council meeting consisted of a work session and a short, continued, regular meeting to accept a bid to remove trees from the cemetery.
Work Session: 1) County Park Manager, Carl Barnes, discussed the Cat Fish Festival and requested $1000 in support of the event. The 10th Annual Cat Fish Festival will be held May 15th 2010. 2) Yours truly, Garry Morgan, requested the vendors of 1st Monday be refunded half the money paid for spot rental. The current City Ordinance, # 502, states spots are to be rented for $5 per spot. However, the Mayors Office began charging $10.00 per spot without authority to do so as the new ordinance reflecting the change in First Monday Fees has not been codified. The vendors have been overcharged for their spots.
Council Member Keith Smith, in last evenings and other sessions when I spoke, attempted to intimidate me for my requests to the council concerning First Monday. On previous occasions Mr. Smith has stated the First Monday Event is "more trouble than it is worth" and accused me of being an "Obama Czar" for attempting to preserve the First Monday event. Councilman Smith has not been seen at First Monday except during election time. Mr. Smith's intimidation attempt was in response to a previous article on this blog. http://arklite.blogspot.com/2010/04/mayors-office-of-scottsboro.html It is apparent to this writer Mr. Smith is only concerned about how HE PERSONALLY sees this historical Scottsboro event and is not concerned about any benefit the First Monday event brings to the City of Scottsboro.
3)Funding for the Scottsboro Boys Museum. Ms Sheila Washington made a presentation and answered questions from council members concerning this project. Museum staff have until the 15th of April to purchase the building or the leadership of the United Methodist Church have stated they will sell the building. 4) Mr. Rick Wheeler made presentation concerning GASB 45 reporting requirements. 5) Discussion concerning changing some Department Head positions from appointed-unclassified positions to classified positions, hired as any regular, classified employee. 6) Discussion of surplus property at the Solid Waste Department. 7) Reports: Mr. Gene Airheart received the Bronze Star Medal for his actions during World War 2 at 4PM at City Hall prior to the council meeting. Article from The Daily Sentinel: http://www.thedailysentinel.com/story.lasso?ewcd=4dd49be32140c4f8
Regular City Council meeting continuation from March March 22, 2010: There was one item on the agenda, bid approval for Cedar Hill Cemetery tree clearing. The contract was awarded to A-1 Tree Removal.

Friday, April 2, 2010

NRC calls into question safety issues at Bellefonte, denies hearing in favor of TVA and Nuclear Construction Industry.

Today the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board of the NRC, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, ruled, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, BREDL, and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, SACE, had failed to prove any charge that would require a hearing, however the NRC admits several concerns but decided in behalf of the nuclear construction industry and the TVA while ignoring the facts of a stripped and decaying 4 decade old nuclear plant. The NRC agrees there are several safety concerns, admitted in their conclusion, but ruled in favor of the nuclear industry and the TVA in typical NRC RUBBER STAMP action. (Knoxville News Sentinel link: http://license.icopyright.net/user/viewFreeUse.act?fuid=Nzc4Mzc4Mg )

The NRC states in their conclusion: "...the apparent absence of any AEA, Atomic Energy Act, adjudicatory process applicable to the already-approved TVA request to place the [Bellefonte] units in deferred status, as well as any forthcoming TVA request to resume plant construction...and the application of the largely-superseded reactor licensing process have the overall effect of “backloading” a number of issues of potential significance to the safe and environmentally-responsible operation of Units 1 and 2."

"[Petitioners state] areas of concern, one of the most prominent undoubtedly being whether the facilities, which were not subject to the NRC’s deferred plant maintenance and preservation requirements for several years and from which various safety-related items such as steam generator tubing and reactor coolant piping have been removed, ultimately can be restored and completed in a manner that is fully consistent with the agency’s QA/QC and safety requirements."

Bureaucratic "double talk." The NRC admits there are issues of high risk and safety related to the stripped reactor units but refuses to identify or list specific action to insure safety. They readily and boldly admit the quality assurance, control and safety requirements are lacking.

The NRC further recommends: 1) "Bellefonte units cannot be treated as “business as usual” facilities;" 2) "complete transparency on the part of TVA regarding the details of both its planning for, and implementation of, the restoration and completion of Bellefonte Units 1 and 2;" 3) "significantly enhanced vigilance on the part of the staff in reviewing and inspecting TVA’s QA/QC and restoration/construction efforts associated with those units." 4) "TVA’s “off again/on again” approach to their construction, in combination with what is likely to be the span of some four decades between the Units 1 and 2 CP and OL proceedings, has generated a unique set of circumstances such that, to ensure all safety and environmental matters of substance regarding these two units are thoroughly vetted in a public forum."



Mayors Office of Scottsboro violates 1st Monday ordinance, intentionally overcharges vendors.

The city of Scottsboro has had the opportunity to update their First Monday Ordinance, they have not done so. Vendors have been sent out letters informing them of new rules, however, no new rules have been codified. The current Scottsboro city Ordinace concerning First Monday Fees is Ordinace # 502, signed the 21st of June 2005 establishing a fee of $5.00.
The Mayors office has refused to recognize this Ordinace and has arbitrarily implemented a proposed ordinance change without the approval of the City Council, ignoring existing law as codified by the City of Scottsboro. As a result 1st Monday Vendors are being overcharged for their spots by 100%. The coordinator of the 1st Monday event, the Mayors Secretary, likewise refuses to recognize the standing city ordinance.
It is my belief the lack of concern and the intentional creation of policy outside the scope of any existing laws of the City of Scottsboro is intentional with the sole purpose of denigrating the historical 1st Monday Event. The current 1st Monday coordinator has made rules up without following the city ordinance, made up rules to the point of "running off" long term vendors. A formal complaint was filed with the Mayors Office 4 months ago concerning the arbitrary making of rules outside the scope of any city ordinance.
The Mayor of Scottsboro and the 1st Monday Vendors Committee has meet with the Mayor and select council members several months ago, November 2009 and January 2010, reaching an agreement concerning proposed rule changes for 1st Monday. However, the city failed to implement any new rule changes and now overcharges the vendors for their spot fees without concern to existing law. The Mayors Office and the City Council has had over 3 months to implement the change and comply with the requirements of the law and has failed to do so. It is important to point out that the Mayor has frequently been reminded for several months of the necessity of codifying the law prior to any changes being implemented and has failed to act except to initiate a non-existing, arbitrary set of rules prior to their being signed into law and properly announced as required by the laws of the State of Alabama .
City leadership, in reference to 1st Monday, has acted in a manner not in keeping with standards and practices of good government. The result is the denigration of the 1st Monday event, which includes improper and arbitrary rule making including an intentional overcharge of First Monday Vendors.
First Monday Vendors should be refunded the excess money paid, overcharge of spot rental, as a result of the arbitrary rule making by the Mayors Office in violation of the First Monday Ordinance. I will speak to the City Council Monday evening at 6PM concerning this situation.