"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Like A Cancer, The War on Drugs Is Killing Our Nation's Values - A Local, State and National Failure

Sometimes it is hard to determine who suffers more from delusions, the drug abuser, politicians,  judges or the growing corporate corrections and court referral system. Citizens suffer from our government's abject failure from the war on drugs. This expose will address a growing cancer all across our nation - the cancer of substance abuse and the failure of the war on drugs on multiple levels in our government and our culture.
Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting - courtesy of the Matador Network.

Cancer comes in three forms, physical/medical cancer affecting the human body's organs due to cellular mutations; cultural cancer- racism, religious wars, religious persecution and drug abuse are forms of cultural cancers; societal cancer - some say our courts are turning into a societal cancer, declining family values and a lack of fathers and mothers as a family unit, and drug abuse, including the war on drugs.

Here I'll discuss and provide information on the later of the two cancers, cultural and societal as it pertains to drug abuse and the war on drugs failure. I welcome any comments which dispute that the war on drugs is not a failure locally, state wide and nationally.

Many of us have seen the debilitating effects on the individual, family, friends and community when people abuse drugs and alcohol. In many ways substance abuse is far more deadly than the physiological form of the disease we generally call cancer because the cancer of substance abuse has another symptom attached to it, it is called denial. The psychological damage is just as great as the physical damage. This form of cancer many times is much harder to treat because it becomes hidden in friends, family and even in the individual because the individual denies and manipulates others around them in parasitic relationships. As the drug abuse progresses, individuals become psychotic, and this is a sure sign the disease has a grip on the individual and their better senses.

Often the individual cries out for help in many different ways, sometimes those too close will not react or isolate themselves from the individual exhibiting this disease. A true friend will help and also demonstrate tough love and attempt to convince their friend that they need help. 

The other and third type of cancer is cancers of our culture, community, societal cancers so to speak. Leading that list there are several forms of the illness which manifests itself into our society, greed is one where the quest for money overcomes our sense of values; destruction of our environment is another - often greed is associated with that. But, our old foe of substance abuse is right up there with greed and environmental destruction wreaking havoc on our communities.

Our government attempts to wage battles against this common foe, unfortunately that is unsuccessful because of greed and the tendency in our government to disregard individual needs. Individual needs are replaced with the needs of the corporation. We see this locally, state wide and nationally in drug and correction programs. It is seen on a broader scale with spending in the defense industrial complex, billions - trillions spent on the war on drugs failure, all the while ignoring the individual’s need for comprehensive medical treatment.  Think about how far a trillion dollars, or even 50 billion dollars would go regarding individual drug abuse treatment.

The goal of the war on drugs is not about curing the individual problem of substance abuse, the war on drugs is to support corporations and individuals connected with courts and prisons instead of actually treating medically each and every individual infected with this insidious, cancerous disease of addiction called substance abuse. Until there is a change in attitude and a redirection of government policy the problem will grow and our courts and those who think they are resolving the problem will continue on their, and the drug abusers, road of delusion at a cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money.

Web articles on the subject (Fair use rights for non-profit news reporting and education about drug abuse.)
AP, via FOX News - Using Freedom of Information Act requests, archival records, federal budgets and dozens of interviews with leaders and analysts, the AP tracked where that money went, and found that the United States repeatedly increased budgets for programs that did little to stop the flow of drugs. In 40 years, taxpayers spent more than:

— $20 billion to fight the drug gangs in their home countries. In Colombia, for example, the United States spent more than $6 billion, while coca cultivation increased and trafficking moved to Mexico — and the violence along with it.

— $33 billion in marketing "Just Say No"-style messages to America's youth and other prevention programs. High school students report the same rates of illegal drug use as they did in 1970, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says drug overdoses have "risen steadily" since the early 1970s to more than 20,000 last year.

— $49 billion for law enforcement along America's borders to cut off the flow of illegal drugs. This year, 25 million Americans will snort, swallow, inject and smoke illicit drugs, about 10 million more than in 1970, with the bulk of those drugs imported from Mexico.

— $121 billion to arrest more than 37 million nonviolent drug offenders, about 10 million of them for possession of marijuana. Studies show that jail time tends to increase drug abuse.

— $450 billion to lock those people up in federal prisons alone. Last year, half of all federal prisoners in the U.S. were serving sentences for drug offenses.  http://www.foxnews.com/world/2010/05/13/ap-impact-years-trillion-war-drugs-failed-meet-goals/

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) 3 out of 4 Americans believe the war on drugs is a failure  http://www.leap.cc/for-the-media/the-war-on-drugs-at-a-glance/

The costs - “The war on drugs has created a vast criminal market” Maybe this is its’ purpose - http://www.countthecosts.org/seven-costs/wasting-billions-drug-law-enforcement

Propaganda, deceit and the destruction of lives. 15 years ago, and still today our government’s officials do not grasp the problem and continue to make it worse, all for greed. http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/war-drugs-costs-american-lives-liberties

The real world story is always better than fiction – the drug cartels. The reason they exist is due to U.S. policy in a failed war on drugs. Politicians and judges, how many more people are you going to kill because of your ignorance and denial? http://www.newsweek.com/cartel-your-annual-reminder-war-drugs-isnt-over-347085

10 facts about America’s War on Drugs that will shock you  http://matadornetwork.com/change/10-facts-drug-war-will-shock/

Monday, October 26, 2015

Jackson County Commission & Scottsboro City Council Regular Session, October 26, 2015


TVA Public Access Trash Cleanup Area
Click on image for an expanded view.
Carl Barnes Manager of the Jackson County Park has been tasked with this project. It was on today's agenda but was tabled. Apparently the areas to be cleaned up are being utilized as dumps and warrants further discussion before the commission makes a final decision on the agreement with the TVA.




Sunday, October 25, 2015

Community Corrections - Court Referral - Drug Court - Friend or Foe? Corporate Drug Testing Solutions or Evidence of Corruption Approved by our Courts and Legislators

Drug Courts, Community Corrections and Court Referral is big business in Alabama and across our nation. According to those who work in the program and manage such programs it is wonderful, and  our answer to the growing pandemic of drug and substance abuse. But is that the case, or is it a scheme to benefit corporations preying on the poor?

Our local Community Corrections and Court Referral Office, located on private property owned by the Director of Community Corrections and Court Referral, Mr. Mike Brown - per Jackson County Property and Mapping Office for Jackson County Alabama (photo by G. Morgan)

Our local Drug testing center and Family Life Counseling, claiming to be an outpatient treatment facility. Owned by Mr. Randall Eugene and Tracy P. Cleckler,  per Jackson County Property and Mapping Office for Jackson County Alabama. On the local Community Corrections & Court Referral 2013 IRS filing Mr. Cleckler and Rannie Childress is listed as Board Members of the non-profit entity associated with Community Corrections & Court Referral.  Both are also listed as Executives of the Family LifeCenter, a 501c3 corporation. Mr. Cleckler is listed as the Executive officer, owner of Drug Testing Management Program, located in the same building, his drug counseling and testing programs are located across Northeast Alabama. (photo by G. Morgan)

I have published recent articles critical of what appears to be conflicts of interest involving managers and owners of the above mentioned businesses, non-profit entities and government agencies. One local newspaper has published articles regarding Community Corrections and Court Referral. which may be found on this blog's links here - http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Jackson%20County%20Community%20Corrections%20and%20Court%20Referral  The Jackson County Commission has asked questions about Community Corrections and Court Referral regarding their approval request to the county commission. 

I have placed my published articles on Face Book which caused an extreme defensive posture from employees of the Jackson County Court Referral & Community Corrections along with comments from employees of the Jackson County Drug Court. All of these individuals are either employees of government entities or employees of non-profit entities performing services for the 38th Judicial Circuit of Courts, Jackson County Alabama. Their conduct is not becoming of employees of the courts or a corporate entity of the court created as a judicial tool of the court system. 
Some of the comments - 1) "As you have seen, a man by the name of Garry L Morgan has already told everyone that we were at a conference. He has really been studying up on Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections. As you will see, he doesn't care how much good this organization does for the Jackson County citizens. It's not his job to care. His... only job is to "stir" things up. That is his sole purpose. While he is doing this, we will continue to try and help anyone and everyone who wants or needs it. At first, I wanted to pay attention to what he had to say, but as I asked around the community and was told not to pay any attention to what he had to say. I have ask many and received the same answer every time. So while he does this, please know that we will operate as normal. I also want to thank EVERYONE for their support and comments." 2) "Garry, this is Brandon Brown. I know this is going to make you so happy. When the Jackson County Commission ask us to produce documents, we gave them the ones we had in our hands. Also, I want you to know that we owe you NOTHING! You have posted some terrible things on the Jackson County Drug Court page." 3) "We have nothing to hide. We have to have 2 different audits every single year." 4) About our previous post, seems to me that you can post anything you want but every time someone in support of our organization says something, you holler SLANDER!!! SLANDER!!! I know you will sue. I know this about you.What a man you are. You can claim slander. Seems like you're good at that. You can post all you want about your past. I don't care what you've done. This will be the last post I make on here concerning you. I can't believe that I've wasted time on a Saturday. I actually took time away from my family, for what? YOU!. Do what you think you need to do and I will do what I need to do. I believe in our program and so do many people. I know you will not believe this, but you have posted many false statements on here. I have saved them. I have not deleted any of you post on here. I wanted people to see who you are. The last thing I will say is that our business is not run from tax dollars. There are no tax dollars that are spent in our program. It is self supportive. BYE. 5) I have just been talking about you. Not in a bad way (the way you have been talking about us). But I was thinking this could all be a blessing in disguise. Maybe someone will see one of your post (no matter how inaccurate) and realize that our services are there to help them get clean and sober.6) I firmly believe that what Satan does to harm us God will use for his glory! So...that being said. I guess thanks! My name is Anna Brown! I love the addict and alcoholic and if anyone needs help getting into treatment or needs someone to talk to, I am here. Thanks! 7) ... My husband will not be doing an interview with you sir. Just between the two of us....I will pray for you and you pray for me. You will see everything unfold in the future if you read other newspapers. Have a blessed day." 7) "I can't speak for anyone but I am sure the documents you are asking for or an interview would never be done with you or the Clarion. But I can assure you it will be produced and an interview done with a reputable person and paper." 8) Drug Court's comments, 38th Judicial District - "I know there have been a lot of rumors floating around. But let me say that is what they are rumors. Drug court is doing fine. In fact we are at a conference because we have been recognized for being one of the best drug courts in the State of Alabama and we have received an award. We will have a graduation as planned and cro and family life are up and running with no issues. Our drug court and participants have worked hard to overcome so much. Please help us to stop these rumors and stand up for what is right."  9)Thank you for all the positive comments. We understand the rumors and slander come from people who do not understand how hard we work for our participants and we will pray for them. 10) From Court Referral's following - "Who cares if they don't have records to prove to you anything Garry L. Morgan you are a no body and they should not have to prove anything to you...So I truely believe you should mind your own business and leave well enough alone...So if you can't do anything but slander them maybe you should get a life and leave cco alone. 

My blog articles are linked above, contained within my blog articles is the Clarion expose on this issue. My home page on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/garry.l.morgan.5  
    Jackson County Community Corrections - Court Referral page on Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonCountyCourtReferralAndCommunityCorrections


Drug abuse in Alabama is a growing problem - it is a medical, legal, political, and cultural problem. It is reflective of unqualified, lack luster substance abuse programs outside of credentialed health care providers. Our judiciary and law makers bear a heavy responsibility for the problem and growing disaster of pandemic proportions. Substance abuse is a disease on several levels.

The war on drugs is a failure extending from federal to local levels. 

"According to the report by the Trust for America's Health (TFAH), prescription drug abuse has quickly become a top public health concern, as prescription drug related deaths now outnumber those from heroin and cocaine combined, and drug overdose deaths exceed motor vehicle-related deaths in 29 states and Washington, D.C. Misuse and abuse of prescription painkillers alone costs the country an estimated $53.4 billion a year in lost productivity, medical costs and criminal justice costs. The report also notes that, currently, only one in 10 Americans with a substance abuse disorder receives treatment." 

Drug Overdose Mortality Rates tripled from 1999 to 2010 in Alabama. Pill mills are a growing illegal enterprise. Alabama ranks 3rd from the bottom along with other right wing states who place corporations ahead of human health. Drug abuse is a medical, cultural and legal problem which political leadership and the judiciary are ill advised as to resolving the growing problems. http://healthyamericans.org/reports/drugabuse2013/release.php?stateid=AL

Alabama refuses to participate in Medicaid expansion which could be utilized to facilitate qualified substance abuse programs for the poor. 

Instead Alabama and other states have created corporate drug testing and faux outpatient treatment structures with little or no medical oversight. Meanwhile, corporations supported by state judiciaries enrich themselves on taxpayer dollars and those poor people who have no other choice as a result of court orders. 

Courts and their corporate structured corrections and referral programs bleed the poor with limited success outside structured, qualified medical treatment. Since when do corporate community corrections and court referral organizations become medical treatment experts with qualified, credentialed health care professionals on staff? They are not qualified medical treatment experts credentialed to deal with the variety of medical related substance abuse problems. Unfortunately cottage industry corporate structures have sprung up to enrich corporations and their owners instead of treating the growing pandemic of substance abuse. 

Drug courts and their related court referral structures fail to address the medical aspects of drug abuse, substance abuse problems.  https://www.drugpolicy.org/docUploads/Drug_Courts_Are_Not_the_Answer_Final2.pdf

Regarding the Jackson County Community Corrections and Court Referral
The Director of Court Referral is appointed or contracted by the Administrative Director of Courts. The Administrative Director of Courts and the presiding Circuit Judge of the county has supervisory responsibility over the appointed director. Code of Alabama 12-23-4 
Court Referral Program Requirements may be found at this link under the Administrative Office of the Courts: http://www.alacourt.gov/Sections/CSIT/EducationalPrograms.aspx

Code of Alabama 15-18-170 thru 182 covers Community Correction's programs  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/alison/codeofalabama/1975/coatoc.htm

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scottsboro City Council Meeting - Tax on Tourism October 19, 2015

(Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting and criticism - photo by Bologna B&B, Bologna Italy)

TAX-TAX-TAX-TAX A Tax on tourism is a tax that is applied unfairly, it is a tax without representation. Tourism taxes in Alabama are called lodging taxes.

Why is Scottsboro's Mayor wanting to raise tax on tourists? Have you ever heard the term, taxation without representation? State, local and county government "Lodging Taxes" are taxes on tourists. It is ridiculous, if you want to boost tourism say "NO MORE  LODGING TAXES ON OUR VISITORS, we welcome tourists. 

Whatever it's called, some call it an occupancy tax, room tax, bed tax, by the powers-that-be in the area you're passing through, it's a TAX tourists never got to vote on and a TAX that doesn't always benefit anyone, including the tourist.

The $10, $15 or more per night added to your hotel bill is probably paying a police officer's salary,  paying down the debt, building a dog park, maybe tourism advertising, or paying salaries at the local Chamber of Commerce. Worthy endeavors, but why aren't the local citizens, footing the bill instead of visiting tourists? Tourists don't vote locally, they are passing through visitors and the voting booth was not a destination on their travel itinerary.

Anti-tax sentiment is on the rise, and cash-strapped cities whose actual debt is not fully disclosed to local citizens, the tourist is a local politician's dream come true - to hades with the concept of "taxation without representation. The tourist can be taxed, taxed, and taxed some more until the proverbial cows come home, with no consequences for elected officials, such as Mayor Potter.

When local government's officials impose tourism taxes on travelers, apparently they feel they don't have to answer to anyone politically. But to those who depend on the travelers for their business, it is not supported and it is bad for business. Mayor Potter and Scottsboro's City Council, might want to consider these issues.

If politicians want to raise taxes, do it fairly. For Scottsboro's Mayor Potter, he apparently does not believe in fairness. He was not in favor of a 1% county wide tax to continue county services where the county has lost 40% of their revenue over a 10 year period, now he wants to raise taxes on one of the largest industries supporting our economy, an industry where visitors staying in our lodges are taxed without any representation - TOURISM is big business for our area, taxing tourists in a scheme to raise revenue doesn't support tourism, nor concepts of fairness regarding taxation.
 Lodging tax info from the State of Alabama -  https://revenue.alabama.gov/salestax/sales/index.cfm?



Monday, October 19, 2015

Jackson County Commission Work Session October 19, 2015

1955 First Monday Trade Day art; Jackson County Alabama Courthouse at Scottsboro. Fair Use for non-profit news reporting, 1955 Ford Times.



Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jackson County Commission Regular Session - More on the Court Referral and Community Corrections Issue

Jackson County Courthouse, south side (photo by G. Morgan)

AGENDA for the
Tuesday October 13, 2015 Jackson County Commission Regular Meeting


Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections Issue

In today's "The Clarion," a revealing article by Heather Garner was published regarding the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections. http://www.theclarion.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=9605:commission-requests-application-from-court-referral-&catid=42:clarion-rotation-stories&Itemid=142

 I have requested an interview with Mike Brown, Director of the agency, and Gene Cleckler board member and Executive director of private corporations where Jackson County court referral does business, as of this writing I have received no reply.

Highlights from the Clarion article relating to public records inspections:
1) According to Jackson County Probate Court records on October 9, 1998 Articles of Incorporation for the Jackson County Community Punishment and Corrections, Inc. was filed. These articles included corporation members consisting of Mike Wells, Betty Gilliam, Thomas Davis, John Black, and president of the corporation, Donald Word. According to Jackson County Commission records, on October 13, 1998, a resolution was passed by the Commission allowing Dennis Crownover to present to the state an alternative sentencing program for Jackson County inmates. There is no record of the approved application in the commission minutes and one could not be located according to county attorney John Porter, by the commission, the Alabama Department of Corrections or the Jackson County Community Corrections office.

2) "According to accounting records of the Jackson County Commission in 2013-2014 funds in the amount of $32,145 were received and $31,100 in 2014-2015 were received. Inmates are charged 30 percent of their net wages while on work release. Ten percent goes to the county, 10 percent goes toward the inmate’s fines and 10 percent goes to the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections office." In addition, there is a $10 dollar fee collected upon each participant in the Community Corrections program. Example of a receipt is posted, note $10 is indicated as going to the County Commission, personal identifying information is redacted.

3) Code of Alabama 15-18-174 stipulates that an annual audit is required if public funds or grants are received to insure accountability. A private auditing firm may conduct the audit, there must be a copy of the audit available in accordance with state law. “ Clarion - All audits shall be completed as soon as practical after the end of the fiscal year of the board. One copy of each audit shall be furnished to the board, if established, the Department of Corrections and the Alabama Chief Examiner of the Department of Public Accounts. Copies of each audit shall also be made available to the press.”  The Clarion reports - "However, audits were unavailable according to the Chief Examiner of Public Accounts, since 2003 no audits have been filed."

4) "Clarion - As a result a public records request for the audits was made and a compilation of financial records was received. The compilation shows liabilities and equity in the amount of $57,008.66, and service income in the amount of $310,987.16 as of June 30, 2015. Salaries for officers are reported at $89,059.51 and other salaries and wages are reported as $77,134.59."

5) 2013 IRS Forms reveal as reported: Regarding the Jackson County Community Punishment and Corrections, Inc. Board Memebers per 2013 IRS records per the Clarion - " William Brady, Rannie Childress and Gene Cleckler;" Childress (Clinical Director) and Gleckler (Executive Director) are officers for the Family Life Center, a 501(c)3 non profit. Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections has a contract with Family Life Center for counseling services and drug testing. Family Life Center link of personnel listings - http://familylifecenter.ws/personnel-listing/ 
There is the appearance of a conflict of interest where the board members of one organization,  Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections, are the paid officers of a contracted organization with  Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections. I called Family Life Center to arrange a discussion with Gene Cleckler. The person answering the phone stated, when I asked if Mr. Cleckler is a paid employee, the reply was, "he is the owner."

Family Life Center in Scottsboro. The Family Life Center has offices in several Alabama Counties 

This is not all - Cleckler is also the owner/Executive Director of the drug testing company utilized by the corrections and community referral program while sitting on the board of community corrections of Jackson County. http://www.dtpm.com/about-us/  and   http://www.dtpm.com/

6) 2013 Revenue per IRS forms as reported regarding Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections - "... revenue in the amount of $372,040 and expenses in the amount of $393,153, assets totaling $20,136. According to Section A of the forms; regarding public support during the years of 2009-2013, a total of $1,681,964 in gifts, grants, contributions and membership fees..."
There are 2 separate programs within the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections - 1) Court Referral, part of the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC), reference Educational Programs: http://www.alacourt.gov/Sections/CSIT/EducationalPrograms.aspx   2) Community Corrections, part of the Alabama Department of Corrections - http://www.doc.state.al.us/CommCorrections.aspx  Requirements may be found at the link listed.
Concern and Summary
This is my concern and summary related to the Court Referral Programs or Community Corrections where Substance Abuse Treatment is required. Do patients receive the best treatment possible to insure they become productive members of the community by maintaining their sobriety drug or alcohol free?
Discussion - Locally, within Jackson County, it is my opinion patients enrolled in the pseudo IOP, Intensive Outpatient Care, do not receive qualified medical care nor counseling needed to overcome substance abuse. Further, it is also my opinion that the patients, which are not called patients, they are called either clients or defendants, are being shorted in a so called faux outpatient care program. I question whether strict guidelines are followed regarding DSM-IV criteria. Described as follows in the AOC guidelines.  "Level 3 Treatment Overview - A Level 3 referral is a referral to treatment. Most Level 3 referrals are sent to a community mental health center for a full assessment utilizing the DSM IV-R criteria. Level 3 consists of inpatient or intensive outpatient treatment. IOP is individual or group treatment and other therapeutic activities, including self-help, occurring during scheduled operating hours. While in treatment the following topics are discussed, explored and addressed: alcohol/other drugs & their effects, patterns of use, triggers, relapse, effective communication skills, stress and anger management, etc... "
The Administrative Office of Courts Court Referral program requires the programs to be accredited either by the Alabama Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation or the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospital Organizations (JCAHO). The only accreditation for patient care acceptable should be the JCAHO accreditation which sets strict standards in health care facility accreditation and standards for credentialed patient care providers.
Within the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections there is the appearance of a conflict of interest which effects, or may effect, the quality of care and substance abuse treatment provided to those community citizens who require substance abuse treatment, particularly Level 3 treatment.
There is a Board of Directors which has been identified by local media, per Official Records Request, and described above. Some members of the Jackson County Community Punishment and Corrections, Inc. Board are either executives or have an ownership role in the drug and alcohol treatment corporate entity and the drug testing company. This is relative as board members are receiving money from a contractor performing a service for the government and non-profit entity. There are reports circulating that substance abuse program patients, who cannot afford legal representation or confirmation testing, have been intentionally flunked at the end of their treatment period when in reality there was no substance abuse for the purpose of extending the participant's drug tests and faux outpatient treatment. This creates a problem when officers of the drug testing contractor are one in the same as the Jackson County Community Punishment and Corrections, Inc. Board. Medical Oversight and a forensic audit with follow-up governmental action are needed immediately.
What is an effective drug abuse treatment program?  Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition) 13 steps - https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/principles-drug-addiction-treatment-research-based-guide-third-edition/principles-effective-treatment and https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/treatment-approaches-drug-addiction
 It is my opinion that the current, local Jackson County program fails to properly identify the level of abuse of substance abusers and a proper course of treatment, specifically those enrolled in the so called "faux out-patient" treatment program.

UPDATE - Nov 9, 2015 Excerpt from Administrative Records Request to Community Correction and Court Referral - "records no more subject to inspection than that of the First Baptist Church." It also turns out that the same law firm representing Court Referral and Community Corrections represents clients in the community corrections and court referral program.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

THE NUCLEAR SCAM - October 10, 2015

Duke Energy's Brunswick Nuclear Power Facility ( Fair Use Rights, Duke photo, for non-profit news reporting and criticism.)

Duke Power's plans include sucking money out of ratepayers and taxpayers for the sole purpose of generating capital, not economical, clean, reliable, safe electrical power. This is the purpose of the nuclear power scam.  http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/energy/after-long-love-affair-with-nuclear-power-duke-energy-hints-romance-is/2249034

Quote from the article about Duke Power’s nuclear scam: "Duke is pursuing the Lee plant just as it did the Levy plant in Florida, spending lots of money (much of it charged to ratepayers) in preliminary work on the planned sites, seeking a federal license, but never officially committing to build the facilities."

Think about it, if a private citizen promised an investment of billions upon billions of dollars, but in reality the citizen never intended on building anything, it was just a scheme to defraud the public for the purpose of receiving tax and citizen dollars, private citizens would be put in prison for each person they committed fraud against; according to our laws, aren't corporations people? Hold their executives and puppet politicians accountable for “ripping off” hard working Americans in the nuclear power fraud scheme.

One company and its executives pay the price - "Law360, New York (July 17, 2015, 4:30 PM ET) -- An Idaho federal judge on Thursday agreed to drop the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's remaining charges against an energy company and its CEO two months after finding them liable in a securities fraud case involving the financing of a $10 billion nuclear power plant. 
The SEC said the penalties, including nearly $15 million in disgorgements, imposed by U.S. District Judge Edward J. Lodge on Alternate Energy Holdings Inc. and its former CEO Donald L. Gillispie when he granted summary judgment to the agency in May are enough punishment." http://www.law360.com/articles/680226/sec-drops-remaining-claims-in-idaho-nuclear-power-co-suit  Former executives of Eagle nuclear power company indicted in stock scam - http://www.idahostatesman.com/2014/11/14/3486596/former-executives-of-eagle-nuclear.html

Bellefonte Units 1-4 TVA's Dream and ratepayers nightmare. Fair Use Rights for non-profit news and criticism. TVA photo in Bellefonte's Unit 3-4, Environmental Report

Look across our nation, particularly in the TVA area (Bellefonte, Alabama – Billions of dollars have been sunk into the zombie plant and proposed future construction which will never be accomplished, currently costing TVA rate payers $65 million per year for maintenance. Yellow Creek, Phipps Bend, Hartsville are all nuclear plants partially built without a need for them.  $20 billion dollars of TVA’s $25 billion dollar long term debt is because of the unnecessary nuclear construction.); 97 plus plants listed, this does not count the current ones being planned.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_canceled_nuclear_plants_in_the_United_States

Nuclear Weapons Cost - Today’s report is an update to the cost study that CBO released in December 2013, which put the anticipated price tag for U.S. nuclear forces between FY 2014 and FY 2023 at $355 billion.  https://www.armscontrol.org/blog/ArmsControlNow/2015-01-22/CBO-Nuclear-Weapons-Still-Expensive  Costs of disposal - https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/the-explosive-cost-of-disposing-of-nuclear-weapons/2013/07/03/64f896e0-e287-11e2-80eb-3145e2994a55_story.html

The nuclear power vicious circle, front end costs are extreme - end of cycle decommissioning costs are rising, a vicious circle of continuing expense for taxpayers and ratepayers. Today, decommissioning costs on the downside will be $500 million to over $1 billion dollars to clean up the contamination and secure the nuclear power facilities. http://thebulletin.org/rising-cost-decommissioning-nuclear-power-plant7107   Takes decades and may exceed $1 billion dollars.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/06/13/idUS178883596820110613

This fraud scam scenario is repeated over and over again, currently and historically across our nation. In order for the fraud scam to work our government's politicians and officials at all levels must participate. Costing rate payers and taxpayers hundreds of billions, upon hundreds of billions of dollars. Nuclear power and the nuclear weapons death industry is a trillion dollar multinational scheme to provide capital to corporate entities and their political puppets who deceive the public about nuclear reliability, costs, cleanliness and purpose; it is time to end the biggest scam of all time, nuclear power and the international nuclear weapons death scheme madness.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Jackson County Commission Work Session, October 5, 2015

Jackson County Courthouse South Side (photo by G. Morgan)

News items of interest for this session: Agenda items 1) Commission employee and retiree insurance plan costs (part 1 video); 7) Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections, there is no plan or approval for a plan on file at the county commission office (part 2 video). There is also a question concerning the last audit of the program, which is required annually. For the program to be a Non-profit entity one of the requirements is a 501c3 status; a lack of oversight from a board of directors is also being questioned. A listing of minimum administrative standards as required by the state is posted below. There is a question if the required state administrative standards are met. Code of Alabama 15-18-170 thru 182 covers Community Correction's programs  http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/alison/codeofalabama/1975/coatoc.htm
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Court Referral Program Requirements may be found at this link under the Administrative Office of the Courts: http://www.alacourt.gov/Sections/CSIT/EducationalPrograms.aspx

My interest became peaked when I interviewed participants in the court referral, so called "out-patient" program, where a counselor at the county corrections referred Family Life Center issued a requirement to "pay homage" to the court system by requiring program participants to write a letter to someone in the court system giving them praise;  examples were given by the counselor which were considered acceptable parties to write this letter of  praise, "Judge, DA or Attorneys," also reported, "When you write the letter there have been examples of the DA, Judge answering back with praise to the letter writer."

There are many questions relating to the health care of individuals submitted for so called "out patient" drug and alcohol program treatment where there is no formal medical evaluation. Calling a program "out patient" care does not make it so, particularly when there is no formal medical oversight by a qualified physician or health care authority. Testing of urine, blood, hair or the evaluation of patients in a health care setting requires qualified health care personnel with oversight from qualified, credentialed health care professionals in a health care setting. Apparently for so called "out patient" drug related rehabilitation cases health care standards are lacking, which does no favors for the patients, or community, in the faux "out patient" care program. 

The State of Alabama requires drug & alcohol counselors to be certified by the Alabama Mental Health Board; there is no requirement for patient care oversight from a health care authority for so called out patient substance abuse care.  http://admh.academy.reliaslearning.com/about-us.aspx 
One example of a corporate drug abuse counseling program with claims to out patient health care, but has no connection to any health care authority or physician performing a professional examination before the so called out patient health care is initiated. http://familylifecenter.ws/laboratory-equipment/ Counselors and programs such as offered at the Family Life Center receive limited oversight from the Alabama Mental Health Board. Unfortunately, mental health care and this board have suffered drastic budget cuts.  
Quote from above Family Life Center link: "We believe that if we have helped our clients become active members of their local self-help group we have achieved our goal." (Self-help groups include Narcotics Anonymous, NA, and Alcoholics Anonymous, AA.)  Nothing is stated about the goal of helping a patient (their word is client) to become a productive member of the community, free from substance abuse following a structured system of recovery guidelines "one day at a time." 

In this case, Substance Abuse Referral programs are specifically connected to the Alabama Department of Corrections via Court Referral and Community Corrections. My concern is the lack of definitive patient/health examinations and health care standards, guidelines and oversight by qualified health care professionals. I believe the resolution may be found in many areas at the local Health Care Authority and/or connected with local public or private hospitals which require specific levels of education, certification and credentialing with oversight from national inspection and accreditation programs; the local Health Care Authority is a member and accredited, http://www.jointcommission.org/about_us/about_the_joint_commission_main.aspx   this insures a high quality of health care in an out-patient or in-patient setting.

 Never should psychiatric or health care treatment of patients, whether substance abuse patients as so called out-patients, or any patient, be conducted without the oversight of qualified, credentialed health care professionals. The question must be asked - how can you call something "out patient" care without patient/health care guidelines and no organized health care oversight?  This is a preliminary report, more to follow. 


Part 1

VIDEO Part 2

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Public Information Session at the Madison, Alabama Public Library, Sep. 29, 2015, Chemical Munitions Clean-up at Redstone Arsenal Alabama

Redstone Arsenal Entry Sign (Fair use for non-profit news reporting, cropped photo by G. Morgan)

World War 2 PHOTOS of Redstone Arsenal Chemical Warfare Munitions
Above & below, U.S. Army Photos at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama (Fair use rights for non-profit news reporting.)

The Redstone Arsenal Complex in the Pre-Missile Era: A History of Huntsville Arsenal,

Gulf Chemical Warfare Depot, and Redstone Arsenal, 1941-1949 

During the two decades between the end of World War I and the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States withdrew into a strong protective shell consisting of isolationist, protectionist, and nativist sentiments. This urge to remain aloof from foreign entanglements had a decidedly adverse affect on the U.S. military, particularly the Army. The period between the world wars was a time of seemingly endless constraints on money, manpower, and materiel. By 1939, the U.S. Army was ranked nineteenth worldwide, behind Belgium and Greece.

Editors Note: This is a reproduction of a special study written by Helen Brents Joiner, a former Historian of the U.S. Army Missile Command’s Historical Division. We’ve attempted to reproduce this study for the web as it appeared in 1966, keeping all original language and punctuation. We’ve added photographs and links to other studies where we felt that the reader could benefit from these other studies.  Link: http://history.redstone.army.mil/ihist-chem.html 

LA Times Article - Deadly chemical weapons, buried and lost, lurk under U.S. soil - Cleaning up an Alabama site, one of hundreds where toxic munitions were dumped after World War II, is expected to take decades. It's not even known what exactly is there.

March 21, 2014By David Zucchino REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. — Yanking aside a tree branch, Jason Watson peered into a waterlogged trench. He pointed out discolored metal drums sunk halfway in the water..."Blister agents, choking agents, blood agents," Watson said, listing the array of chemical weapons inside thousands of metal containers that were buried on this 38,000-acre base after World War II. http://articles.latimes.com/2014/mar/21/nation/la-na-chemical-weapons-20140322 

WAAY-TV Report - WWII chemical agent cleanup will take decades on Redstone Arsenal - March 28, 2014 http://www.waaytv.com/redstone_alabama/wwii-chemical-agent-cleanup-will-take-decades-on-redstone-arsenal/article_6d6554c6-b6e4-11e3-b13a-0017a43b2370.html 

National Academies of Science Report  - The Challenges at Redstone Arsenal
The cleanup at RSA in Huntsville, Alabama is a huge challenge. The site comprises some 38,300 acres of land containing over 300 solid waste management units. Seventeen of these are suspected CWM sites for which the state regulatory authority is requesting removal as an interim measure to satisfy the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). RSA is also believed to be the largest and most challenging of the sites in terms of estimated quantities, the condition and variety of items, operational complexity, regulatory issues, and potential remediation costs. Each of these units not only is likely to require a customized approach but also has more than 5 miles of disposal trenches and various burn and disposal areas for chemical munitions and related wastes as a result of
operations that began in the early 1940s.

WAFF-TV Report - September 24, 2015 "The Redstone Arsenal has been in constant cleanup mode for decades after building chemical weapons during World War II. Now, the cleanup of those weapons is shifting into overdrive. The Arsenal is asking the state for permission so it can nearly triple the number of hazardous waste storage units." http://www.waff.com/story/30107341/redstone-arsenal-expands-hazardous-waste-cleanup

VIDEOS of Public Information Session, a 4 part video presentation

PART 1 Introduction

PART 2 Chemical Weapon Cleanup and DDT

PART 3 Chemical Weapons cleanup, Permit Modification