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Monday, January 4, 2016

Jackson County Commission Work Session - Citizen Input on Drug Testing Program - Commendable Transparency From Commissioner Ledwell, January 4, 2016

Jackson County Commission in session, Court House Board Room. (Photo by G. Morgan)



Memorandum for the Jackson County Commission Regarding Employee Drug Testing
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Excerpts from the Code of Alabama, 25-5-335 regarding employee drug testing.
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Conclusion: Jackson County's Employee Drug Testing Program does not meet the requirement of the Code of Alabama as stipulated in 25-5-335

Commendable Transparency from Jackson County District 4 Commissioner Stacey Ledwell.
UPDATE: Jan 5, 2015 - I had received a call from a local concerned citizen about a County Commissioner, Mr. Stacey Ledwell, who is also a business owner, Mr. Rooter, a local plumbing service. Mr. Ledwell had sold a backhoe to the Cumberland Mountain Water Authority via a sealed bid process. 

I had discussed the concern with Mr. Ledwell last week and he assured me everything was accomplished in accordance with the law. Yesterday, prior to the County Commission meeting, Mr. Ledwell provided me with his bid submission document, attached below, and an Attorney General's Opinion regarding The Cumberland Mountain Water Authority's opening a bidding process for a backhoe. Alabama AG's Opinion 2016-09 Link: http://www.ago.state.al.us/opinions/pdf/2016-009.pdf

The invitation for bid was published in the November 25th 2015 edition of the Daily Sentinel on page 9 as an Invitation by The Cumberland Mountain Water Authority - "Taking Sealed Bids." Mr. Ledwell's bid entered via the sealed bid process, as indicated, was $42,000.00 which was the low bid which met bidding specifications.

Commissioner Ledwell's transparency about this issue is commendable and is appreciated that he provided the documents which demonstrates his concern for doing what is right regarding open, transparent government. I do not think there is any conflict of interest as the Cumberland Mountain Water Authority is a separate corporate entity of Jackson County who has a separate Board of Directors managing the affairs of the water authority.
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