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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Work Session - Citizen Presentation "Council Agenda Issue - A Dead Issue Is Not Dead if it Involves Millions of Dollars in Bonds & Debt," Jan. 4, 2016

Scottsboro City Hall, 316 South Broad Street, Scottsboro, Alabama (photo by G. Morgan)

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Citizen Presentation with letter to the Scottsboro City Council President, Patrick Stewart -  "Council Agenda Issue - A Dead Issue Is Not Dead if it Involves Millions of Dollars in Bonds & Debt."
The City Attorney, Steve Kennamer, did not agree with my position on the issue.

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NOTE Roberts Rules Article X, Chapter 58-Chair or President (regarding committees): "The by-laws sometimes state that the president shall appoint all committees. In such case the assembly may authorize committees, but cannot appoint or nominate them. The president, however, cannot appoint any committees except those authorized by the by-laws or by a vote of the assembly. Sometimes the by-laws make the president ex-officio a member of every committee. Where this is done he has the rights of other members of the committees but not the obligation to attend every committee meeting."

The question is this - What is the Scottsboro City Council Rules of Order regarding the appointment of Committees? May the committee be appointed out of a dead issue? May the Chair appoint a committee at any time regardless of the council's agenda, and must a committee be approved by a vote of the Council?

It was stated that the City Council Rules of Order will be posted to the city's web site. As of this writing the rules are not posted.

Regardless, it is my position that a point of order should have been called by a council member when the issue continued with no motion placed forward. The council President should have sufficient knowledge of rules of order to conduct meetings without constant referral to the city attorney. This situation was a deviation from the meeting format and not in accord with normal meeting decorum. 

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