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Friday, January 22, 2016

January 21, 2016 Scottsboro Board of Education Work Session in Multiple Part Presentations - Featuring - Thar be Sum Misconstru'n Go'n on Heear

On January 21, 2016 the Scottsboro Board of Education held a two and a half hour work session. My Presentation will consist of 4 segments, it is not the entire meeting. Part 1 is actually the end but an interesting part of the meeting which consists of the Alabama Association of School Board's (AASB) recommendation to end Board Member Comments on the Board's Agenda.
Scottsboro Board of Education President Daryl Eustice, Esq. (photo by G. Morgan)

 This writer certainly appreciated the Board President, Scottsboro Attorney Daryl Eustice comments regarding not legislating common sense, you can't do it. Not allowing elected official comments as part of a public bodies agenda runs a risk of squashing expressions of concern and minority positions on issues.

The AASB Attorney, Jane Williams, was contacted, she was not available according to the Association's Secretary; I left a voice mail regarding my questions on their position and requested comments on this matter; however, no one returned my call. Link to the AASB -  http://www.alabamaschoolboards.org/

Dr. Sandra Spivey, Superintendent Scottsboro School System

Mr. John Esslinger, Board Member (photo by G. Morgan)

Ms. Hollie Thompson, Board Member (photo by G. Morgan)

Dr. Judy McCrary Board Member (photo by G. Morgan)

Member Absent Mrs. Julie Gentry
Scottsboro Board of Education File Photo (Fair Use for Non-Profit News Reporting)

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VIDEO Part 3

VIDEO Part 2

VIDEO Part 1

VIDEO Short Segment, "Misconstru'n Go'n On"

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