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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Scottsboro Board of Education Regular Session - February 4, 2016

Page Administration Building Scottsboro Board of Education. (Fair Use Rights for non-profit news reporting photo by "scottsboroschools.net")

Thursday, February 4, 2016 was a Regular Session meeting of the Scottsboro Board of Education at the Page Administration Building. The Scottsboro Board of Education Meeting Calendar along with meeting minutes and other information may be seen at this link:  http://www.scottsboroschools.net/Default.asp?PN=MeetingSchedule&L=1&DivisionID=197&LMID=6467&ToggleSideNav=ShowAll

                                        Meeting Agenda
(Click on image for an expanded view)

The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance being lead by 8th Grade Student Reece Murdock. (photo by G. Morgan).

National Geography Bee Awards, Collins Intermediate School - 1st Place: Jackson Moore, 
School Board Member John Esslinger presented the award (photo by G. Morgan).

National Geography Bee Awards, Collins Intermediate School - 2nd Place: Hudson Thomas,
School Board Member Julie Gentry presented the award (photo by G. Morgan)


If you will note the above agenda, there is NO Board Member Comment Section on the agenda. This is a deviation regarding the policy and procedures of the Scottsboro School Board which has not been approved by the school board \

Apparently the Superintendent took it upon herself to remove the comment section from the agenda without the approval of the School Board, however the school board accepted the agenda without question. The School Board President discussed this issue at the end of the meeting, as demonstrated in the video. There was considerable discussion about this issue at the work session and I had a 2 part video regarding this issue. Link: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/01/january-21-2016-scottsboro-board-of.html

 Frankly, the reason I am going to be following the School Board meetings and videoing them is due to reported irregularities regarding agenda items and policy such as this one represents. Never should a School Board Superintendent, in this case an appointed position, attempt to over-rule, and make-up her personal rules over elected public officials. Specifically, when this was discussed at the work session, Board Member Hollie Thompson mentioned she was not going to vote on this issue during the work session.

Dr. Spivey is a capable school superintendent and we are fortunate to have a person of her professional expertise. The School Board cannot allow her to run "rip-shod" over them because a bureaucratic organization such as the Alabama Association of School Board's suggests the censorship of Board Member comments. The Schools superintendent must work with public officials and they must listen intently to her advice. In this case, to censor public officials comments or reports during a work session or regular session are unwarranted and is a questionable action. WHY?? What does the schools and or administrators have to hide regarding public policy or facts. There was never an actual reason given at the work session for such action other than the association attorney recommended it. The Alabama Association of School Board Attorney, Susan Williams, would not return my call regarding this issue.

I am being informed about other unfair actions regarding personnel policy application within the Scottsboro Schools System. However, I do not have corroborating evidence to support statements being made. I'll be looking for that evidence.

Some did not like the WAFF article and subsequent discussion on Face Book about the hiring of a substitute teacher who had or has a substance abuse problem - Story segment and link:. "SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) -
A Scottsboro substitute teacher is out of a job after she was arrested on drug charges last week.She faced a similar charge five years ago. 45-year-old Bailie Arnold Wise is out on bond after she was charged following the incident at her Scottsboro home last week. Wise was arrested for possession of methamphetamine in Jefferson County back in 2010, in which she successfully completed drug court."  http://www.waff.com/story/31052383/scottsboro-substitute-teacher-removed-from-job-after-drug-charge-hired-after-similar-charge-in-2010

There has been considerable discussion about this issue on Face Book including discussion in private about CENSORING such comments. School officials, it will not work, you are creating a greater problem, My suggestion - THINK BEFORE YOU ACT and if you have a question, discuss it with your attorney. Threatening employees regarding their jobs because they may or may not post a link on social media regarding this issue only creates a problem for management who contemplates such unfair policy actions.

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