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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The War on Drugs - Drug Testing in the Community - Not Certified, But Have Flashy Elvis Costumes - February 9, 2016

Drug Testing Management Program Face Book photo (Fair-use for nonprofit news reporting and commentary)
Drug Testing Program Management, DTPM in "The Louisiana Drug Court Show," a continuation of "The Family and Associates story."

**Regarding Drug abuse treatment - It will take a joint effort by citizens to change the way business is accomplished within our government regarding drug abuse. Allowing attorneys, corrections, and the courts to make primary decisions regarding treatment of disease, instead of physicians, is a serious error of judgement.**

Drug Testing Program Management, DTPM, is connected with Jackson Community Corrections and Court Referral (associated with Jackson County Courts, the State of Alabama's Office of Courts and Alabama Department Corrections). 

Their owner and at least one of their executive staff are board members of the Jackson County Court Referral and Community Corrections organization. A NON-accountable corporate courts' organization in Jackson County. But lets not confuse issues of making money with issues of helping people with substance abuse problems, maximum sarcasm intended.

DTPM is also associated with Family Life Center, another non-profit organization where the Director is the owner of DTPM and property owner of the buildings.  https://www.facebook.com/Drug.Testing.Program.Management/

The FB photo, The Louisiana Drug Court "really big shoe;" demonstrates their profit motivations, a Louisiana Drug Court Show - oh boy and here we have the really big "shoe" lets hear it for DRUG COURT and their sundry of players - "substance abusers, we will bleed'em dry of money, or jail them if they have no money," court referral, community corrections, corporate courts and politicians who don't give a damn. 

Court Referral and Community Corrections - "...just like the First Baptist Church..." says their attorney, as an excuse for not being accountable for public funds, protocols, number of successes vs failures and procedures.

DTPM does not meet the requirements of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, SAMHSA, for a certified drug testing facility. Nor do they meet the Code of Alabama (COA) requirements for employee drug testing, COA - 25-5-335. But, that does not stop their Elvis impersonations, or sending off confirmations with no seal/no double sample testing methodology, or greater than 5 day old samples. Can you say, improper chain of custody? I hope their Elvis impersonations, flashy costumes, are better than their drug testing charade.  http://www.samhsa.gov/workplace/resources/drug-testing/certified-lab-list

Money and corporate courts before ending the problem of substance abuse - another saga of money before people. The "war on drugs" is about money, not people. Money to support a continuous stream of offenders - regardless of accuracy or truthfullness of test results; money to support the corporate court system and the skulduggery it brings as demonstrated by the below photos.

Photo from Face Book DTPM site - Who keeps the corporate judiciary and non-certified drug testing labs in line? (fair-use for non-profit news reporting and commentary)

DTPM Christmas party - celebrating from others misery from the pockets of the poor! Enjoy your fun and frivolity DTPM on the misery of those suffering from substance abuse. Feel the message, or do you give a damn?

Mississippi Drug Court Show DTPM Face Book site. (Fair use for non profit news reporting.) What, no flashy costumes at this Drug Court Show?

The War on Drugs Cost - It is about the money, not ending the problem of substance abuse. Facts demonstrate the war on drugs has killed more people than drugs and resulted in an increase in organized crime. Some local law enforcement, current and retired, have stated that the Community Corrections-Court Referral-Drug Testing-Pseudo Out Patient care scam is organized crime. These programs are not about resolving the problem of substance abuse, the "War on Drugs" is about making money.

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Anonymous said...

I agree totally! Court referral doesn't care about the clients getting clean, they just want the money! It just sets a lot of poor people up for the vicious cycle so many are in because they don't have the money. Don't get me wrong, they need to take responsibility for their actions but counseling, group meetings, etc would help more than just to keep testing them.