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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Regular Session February 22, 2016

Scottsboro City Hall (photo by G. Morgan)

(click on image for an expandd view)


Scottsboro, Alabama February 22, 2016 Regular Session of the Scottsboro City Council. Jackson County Rescue Squad Receives Commendation presented by Mayor Potter from the Milton, Ga. Mayor for the Rescue Squads participation in a January 16, 2016 resue from the Tumbling Rock Cave near Hollywood, Alabama. Several local Rescue Squads and Cave Rescue Units participated in this rescue - Huntsville, Alabama Cave Rescue Unit and the Hamilton county, Tn, Rescue Squad, Cave Rescue Unit participated and safely extracted an injuried explorer from the cave. Full Story may be read http://www.chcrs.org/news-blog/tumblingrockcaverescue11616 and http://www.waff.com/story/30984480/rescuers-bring-injured-girl-to-surface-after-hours-trapped-in-cave

Scottsboro, Alabama February 22, 2016 City Council Regular Session, Alcohol Beverage License Public Hearing. License Approved pending final inspection; 442 West Willow St., Lucky's Liquor Emporium, LLC,  

February 22, 2016 Scottsboro City Council Regular Session Mayor and City Council get pay raise, city debt to be increased for capital projects = Capital Improvement Projects, Mayor & Council Pay increase Commercial Development Authority Budget.

City Attorney Job Description, Appointments and Vacancies. The City Attorney was asked after the meeting if this was a Full Time or Part Time Job Description - His reply was "Part Time."I asked if he had a contract for his services with the city, he stated, "Verbal contract, no written contract." Is the City Attorney the only part time employee which has full city benefits such as medical insurance? This could be part of a compensation package but there is no written contract, which seems very unusual, particularly since this is a deviation from the current personnel policy of Scottsboro regarding benefits for full time vs part time employees. This also brings up questions regarding the employment of the law firm of Lanier and Ford, particularly the services of Mr. Woody Sanderson. Is there a contract; is Sanderson also a part time employee?

For a small city of 15,000 how many attorneys do we need. But, then again, after looking at the problems revealed -

Sexual Discrimination as Policy in Scottsboro Alabama - Multiple part series about the unsavory and unethical actions of male supervisory employees of the City of Scottsboro. Everything from illegal surveillance on female employees, mayors jealousy, slander, unfair application of policy, broken cash control, failure to effectively supervise upper level management, lack of professional leadership skills and training and sexual harassment.  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/Surveillance

The city's officials may need a New York Law Firm before it is over.


Anonymous said...

Did Council members not get information from the various committees on the capital improvement projects?

It seemed to me that the idea was for the committees to look at these projects carefully and if the committee had concerns then the committee would recommend that project not go forward.

From the video it looks like the committees thought the projects should go forward. So I was a little surprised that Mr. Smith seemed to think he had not gotten information from committees and so he voted no (but maybe he votes no on everything).

Jenni Carter said...

Our City Attorney is a part-time employee, and has full benefits? I am assuming all part-time employees have the same benefits. Surely there is a City of Scottsboro employee handbook in place, describing the difference between full-time and part-time employees.

The City Attorney has a verbal contract, in place of a written contract? I am curious who witnessed said "verbal contract". This is 2016, not 1916. I am also assuming the City Attorney is appointed by the current mayor.

Garry said...

Regarding the committee meetings and council action regarding the capital improvement projects.

Mr Smith and Mr. Wallingsford were correct, in my opinion. The other 3 council members seemed more concerned about their reelection and appeasing community elitists than they did doing the right thing. Which should have been discussed in the city council meeting before a final vote. Unfortunately that was not the case and unfortunately it moves 3 council members to the undesirable column, in my opinion as all issues should be thoroughly discussed before a vote is taken. That does not mean I do not agree with the premise of the projects, it means the projects were approved without transparency and discussion. It almost seemed if there had been a decision made by the three before the meeting.

Concerning city attorney benefits, I think it is peculiar there is no written contract for attorney services for the city of Scottsboro. That would include Mr. Kennamer and Mr. Sanderson of Lanier and Ford of Huntsville, Al.

Garry said...

City Council appoints the City Attorney.

Anonymous said...

Regarding council action on capital improvement projects, I will take Gary's word on Mr. Smith and Mr. Wallingsford being correct as you attended meeting. I was assuming that issues were spoken about in more details at work sessions.