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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jackson County Commission Regular Session - Jackson County Park Project Improvements and Financing, June 13, 2016

South Side Jackson County Courthouse - photo by G. Morgan

Bids for the Jackson County Park Project renovations came in at 1.6 million dollars. However, it was reported that some items may not be built at this time due to cost, such as a new laundry facility costing in excess of $100K. Renovations will include building of 9-10 cabins to include furnishings, playground upgrade and other projects. Financing for the entire project was stated to be $2.2 million; a bond issue of $2.4 million will be placed forward at a later regular session for the commissions approval. Approximate annual costs of financing the issue will be $201,000.00, $16,750.00 per month, 20 year financing; approximately $4.02 million total cost of financing the park project. Park and sanitation projects are a separate funds, "Enterprise Funds", and are from the county's general fund. However, it was stated the County Park's revenue stream has contributed over $100K back into the county's general fund per annum.

Jackson County Park, Scottsboro, Al. on county Park Rd. - Google Image from Google Earth. Fair Use for non-profit news reporting and commentary.


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