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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Work Session and Regular Session, Issue of Transparency - City Boat Bill of Sale, Public Records Disclosures June 27, 2016

Many government's management consultants use the stop sign of good governance in various forms. I cannot pinpoint the originator for this specific illustration. Fair Use "Good Governance" image for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

Scottsboro City Hall, photo by G. Morgan 

I have received, as disclosed below, the Boat Bill of Sale, the amount of money paid to Lanier Ford Law Firm and the Insurance Carriers Loss Control Report. I have not received the Bray Report regarding her spying activities without a state investigators license on private citizens/city employees. 

Records disclosure: Amount paid to Lanier Ford Law Firm, per Mayor Potter - In 2015 the City paid $18,133 and in 2016 to date the cost has been $25,465.91 to Lanier, Ford Law Firm for employment matters including rewriting the handbook.

 Boat Bill of Sale
(click on image for an expanded view)
A records Request was submitted last week regarding the sale of the boat, the Mayor supplied the Bill of Sale at last nights city council meeting. Link to boat issue:  http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-boat-and-mayor-of-scottsboro-deep.html 

Picture of a Marinette Cabin Cruiser similar to the one sold
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Comprehensive report on the boat issue by Clarion Reporter Heather Garner
Code of Alabama 1975 § 11-43-56 “Except as otherwise provided in this title, the council shall have the management and control of the finances and all of the property, real and personal, belonging to the city or town.”

The Clarion, article by Heather Garner - "After doing a public records request asking for a copy of the city council meeting minutes showing acceptance of the boat donation; city council meeting minutes showing the boat was declared as surplus property; a copy of the donation letter given to the Culvers and a copy of the bill of sale showing the boat was sold, it was discovered that the City Council never publicly accepted the donation, the property was never declared surplus, and that copies of the donation letter and bill of sale were not kept for recording, by the City. According to Rick Wheeler, City Finance Director, the boat was never listed as an asset by the City and it was never insured by the City."
More on the boat issue:
During today's discussions with Mayor Potter regarding the insurance carriers loss control report, I asked the Mayor, who was responsible for management of property within the city in regards to the boat issue? His reply, "Rick Wheeler."

City took payments from purchaser
Clarion Report
"Records received by the City of Scottsboro, on a Cash Collection History Report, show cash payments in the amount of $2,300 on December 13,2013, $200 on January 3, 2014, $200 received on February 7,2014 and $300 on March 3,2014, received from Rick Nugent."

Insurance Carriers Loss Control Report Disclosure
2015 Insurance Carriers Loss Control Report Inspection
There were no safety findings reported, it was indicated that the City of Scottsboro has a Safety Committee and they meet on a regular basis. 
There were three Items listed as items of concern on the insurance carriers 2015 loss control report. During the month of July an annual inspection is performed. The Mayor produced the report and we discussed each finding. The Mayor's time regarding this item was appreciated. Numbered Findings described as follows along with the City of Scottsboro's reply.  

1) No sexual harassment policy. This was an oversight by the insurance carriers inspector, the City of Scottsboro does have a comprehensive sexual harassment policy contained in The 2004 City of Scottsboro Personnel Handbook. The city indicated this in their reply along with the reference material. As a side note to this finding, but not identified, the City should participate in annual Equal Opportunity/Sexual Harassment Training. We discussed this and the Mayor agreed that this would be a good idea to implement an annual or once every two years type of training program. There have been Sexual Harassment and Equal Opportunity claims against the City of Scottsboro. 
2) What is an acceptable driving record description for city employees. Reply - It was indicated that this policy or description was needed and is being submitted for inclusion as a personnel policy.
3) Emergency lighting deficiency at City Hall and the Senior Center. City Reply - The city has an emergency power generator to supply lighting in case of a power outage. The deficient emergency light at the senior center was replaced.
All other areas either complied or were expalined during the inspection.

Work Session

VIDEO of Work Session

Video of Transparency issue, agenda item 9

                             AGENDA of Regular Session
Mayors Report - Porter Road will be closed for 2 weeks maximum, probably less, because of drainage tile replacement near rail road Tracks.  Also, due to Alabama Budget cuts it was announced that the National Guard Armory on Cedar Hill Drive will be closing. The armory will revert back to the City of Scottsboro.

                              Video of Regular meeting

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