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Friday, June 17, 2016

Scottsboro Water Quality

The Scottsboro Water, Sewer & Gas Board operates two surface water filter plants. Both of our plants receive water from the Tennessee River. Link: http://www.scottsborowsg.com/index.cfm?formID=treatmentPlants  Photo courtesy of the Scottsboro Water Sewer and Gas Board - Fair Use of photo for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

Some folks have questioned the quality of drinking water in Scottsboro. Reasons, 1) demolition of B.B. Comer Bridge, lead content in paint and petro chemicals from road surface contamination; 2) perfluoroalkyl substances (also known as PFAS chemicals) which have been found in the water supply of counties west of Madison County which has resulted in no consumption warnings.

The Director of the Scottsboro Water Sewer and Gas Board, Mr. Roy Light, was interviewed by telephone on Thursday June 16, 2016 on the current water chemistry information. Mr. Light stated there are no current problems with Scottsboro's drinking water supply, it is safe to drink. I discussed lead content in the water, Mr. Light informed me that water analysis for this heavy metal had been completed this month and the chemistry essay revealed no detectable level. He also stated there were no detectable levels of PFA's, PFOA's and PFO'sin our local water supply. Scottsboro's current reports are listed below.

Scottsboro Waterworks, Sewer & Gas Board tested our water for perfluoroalkyl substances (also known as PFAS chemicals) as required by EPA. Samples were collected, from each of our water plants, on 09/24/14, 12/18/14, 03/23/15, and 06/08/15. Lab analysis was performed by an independent certified laboratory approved by EPA. Our water DID NOT contain any of the PFAS substances, including PFOA and PFOS. PFAS’s have been used to make carpets, clothing, fabrics for furniture, and paper packaging for food that are resistant to water, grease and stains. Water contamination is typically localized and associated with a specific facility where these chemicals were produced or used to manufacture other products. Please contact Roy E. Light, General Manager, (256-574-1515) if you have any questions.

Chemistry Analysis and Scottsboro Water Quality Report (Clickon image for an expanded view.

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