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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Meeting - Patrick Stewart Receives Certificate of Election, July 25, 2016

Scottsboro City Council President Patrick Stewart receives Certificate of Election from Council President Pro-Tem Keith Smith, Stewart was unopposed. Photo by G. Morgan

Photo by G. Morgan

Photo by G. Morgan

It was announced that the parking lot across from the Post Office is now open. The Scottsboro downtown Redevelopment Authority purchased the property to expand parking in the downtown area.

Council Member Gary Stewart stated at last night's City Council Meeting that he had requested to see the plans for the Ball Field Renovation project but the Mayor had not provided him with the plans after several requests. Council Memeber Tony Wallingsford  indicated that he had trouble regarding disclosure of the plans. The change orders in the plans reflect an approximate $150,000+ increase in the $1.1 million budgeted amount for the project. 

Council Member Keith Smith also stated that he was informed of considerable cost increases in the Rec Com pool renovation project.

Wilson Street Tupelo Pike Property declared excess property which clears the way for the property to be donated to the Rescue Squad. The Squad indicated they did not need the property and it would be sold to raise funds for their move into the National Guard Armory. 

The State Guard has indicated they will close the Armory in October of this year. The Armory reverts back to the City of Scottsboro once the National Guard closes the facility. Preliminary plans have been made to allow the Rescue Squad to use of the Armory Facility.

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