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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scottsboro City Council, Work Session and Regular Session - Top Issues - Mr. Smith Wants to Donate City Real Estate, Fire Department Receives Grants for Emergency Equipment

Scottsboro City Hall, photo by G. Morgan

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                    Press Release From Scottsboro Fire Department
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"The Scottsboro Fire Department is pleased to announce we have been awarded an Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the amount of $163,850. This grant will be used to update and upgrade our EMS equipment. New 12-Lead Cardiac Monitors, Automated Compression Devices, Video Laryngoscopy, and Intraosseous Infushion equipment will be added to our first out engines, providing our citizens with some of the most advanced pre-hospital technology in Alabama."

                                    PROPERTY ISSUES

City Council Member Keith Smith has suggested that demolished property on Tupelo Pike be donated to the Rescue Squad. This brings up the issue of the proper disposition of demolished real estate property which has not been resolved. The city may not "just donate" property. (photo by G. Morgan)

. The Jackson County Rescue Squad is an admirable organization and does wonderful things for the community. This does not mean that laws of the state may be violated to satisfy public officials whims and nefarious motives such as has occurred with the boat (article link on the boat: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-boat-and-mayor-of-scottsboro-deep.html )   disposal and property abatement demolition.

Apparently the City of Scottsboro has several demolished real estate properties. The Laws of the state have much to say about demolished real property: "Section 11-53B-9 Sale of property upon default."
The point is this, real estate has value, a demolished property cost the citizens of Scottsboro, there is a fair market value of the real estate and there is the cost of demolition which must be added to the cost of the property. There are also several issues involving elected and appointed city officials intentionally violating the laws of the state regarding property abatement and the demolishing of property and the sale of property in the City of Scottsboro. 

 Fixing the costs of demolition have not been accomplished. Re: "Section 11-53B-5 Fixing of costs."
"Upon demolition or repair of the building or structure, the appropriate city official shall make a report to the governing body of the cost thereof, and the governing body shall adopt a resolution fixing the costs which it finds were reasonably incurred in the demolition or repair and assessing the same against the property..." This requirement has never been accomplished as long as I have attended city council meetings for 13 years. 

Fixing the misapplication of law and policy has also not been accomplished. The city council is responsible for the acquisition and disposal of the citizen's real property.

This is what should be accomplished immediately, it is a common sense approach and a solution to problems which pompous, misbehaving public officials within the city of Scottsboro have created.  
1) Identify all real estate property belonging to the City of Scottsboro and assess a "fair-market value" to all real estate property. 2) If the property is demolished property to abate a public nuisance, list the cost of demolition of the property on the property list. 3) When a person's property presents a public nuisance the laws of the state should be followed as to the proper procedures in abatement and if necessary, demolition of the property. It is not sensible to hold demolished property in the real property inventory of the City of Scottsboro as there is a insurance and upkeep cost to the demolished properties. 4) A fair property value should be listed and the cost of demolition assessed against the property. At that point, the property should be sold as soon as possible,

Never, ever should property be sold or given away belonging to the citizens of Scottsboro in violation of the Laws of the State of Alabama. When this occurs, responsible parties must be held accountable. Additionally, the City Council has no business in covering up any wrongful act by public officials particularly when it involves property, money and issues involving ordinances and policies involving personnel management. The Council and Mayor are responsible for keeping the citizens informed.

Unfortunately, misconduct and misapplication of public policy extends beyond failed property management and includes failed personnel management, sexual harassment, failed organizational communications and retaliatory conduct.

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