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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scottsboro Property Management Issues - Lack of Accountability

What other property management issues are lurking in secret about Scottsboro property demolition and the non-accountable property management actions of Scottsboro officials? Fair Use photo for non-profit news and commentary reporting, photo credit is unidentified.

                                         Council Agenda
Questions about poor city governance - lack of accountability relating to property demolition and approvals.

Wilson Street property donation to the Rescue Squad is on the agenda for Monday night's, July 25, 2016 city council meeting, item 3.

The Rescue Squad has not requested a donation, for money or property. Why is the property being donated to the Rescue Squad absent any request or acceptance from the squad of what seems to be Council Member Smith's mandated donation?

This property was taken into the inventory of Scottsboro's real property as dilapidated, public nuisance property, not approved by the city council for induction into our property inventory. Why? By city officials own admission, the property was not condemned.

Is it the City of Scottsboro's policy to accept nuisance, dilapidated property into its' inventory, then the citizens pay the cost of cleanup, demolition and costs to maintain the property with no council approval?

There has been no accounting for the cost of demolition or property maintenance of the Wilson Street Tupelo Pike property or the Willow Street property demolition on private property. Nor has there been any accountability of actions on the secret acquisition and sale of the boat. Why?

Search of North Alabama property demolition listings on the web for the area indicated demolition costs for similar properties such as the Willow Street property and maintenance could have been between $6000-$10000. Costs for the Wilson Street property could have been between $4500-$7500. There are no file indications, upon search, that there were any itemization of costs of the actual demolition or costs to maintain incured or approved for either property. Link to demolition site cost report: http://demolition.promatcher.com/cost/

Why are non-accountable city government officials allowed to continue to rip off the tax-payers of Scottsboro, Alabama without the city council taking action to inform the public of any action to improve poor management practices? Blog listing regarding these issues - http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/property%20management

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You can bet someone at City Hall profited at Taxpayers expense