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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Scottsboro City Council Meeting Work Session - July 18, 2016 - Scottsboro Property Mismanagement Philosophy - Lack of Oversight

Scottsboro City Hall, where secrets are formulated facilitating poor governance. Not once has the demolition of  property outside of flood hazard mitigation, been approved by the Scottsboro City Council. Nor, has dilapidated property which has been declared a public nuisance, outside of flood hazard mitigation, been approved by the city council to be taken into the city inventory via a donation. In my opinion, Scottsboro's demonstrated practices of property management demonstrates a disregard for frugal and efficient management practices. The attempted justifications for mismanagement and what appears to be unlawful practices casts suspicion on the purposes of the misbehavior of some Scottsboro City Officials. The responsibility for oversight of Real Estate belonging to the City of  Scottsboro falls on the City Council. (photo by G. Morgan)

Scottsboro Property Listing
Many thanks to Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter for volunteering to provide this property list for all properties owned by the City of Scottsboro, Alabama (Click on image for an expanded view.).

AGENDA of Work Session
Click on image for an expanded view.

Outline Presentation by Garry Morgan regarding Funding of the Rescue Squad and Scottsboro Property Management Issues.
Click on image for an expanded view.

Council Member Smith's conduct toward citizens who do not support his position is that of demonstrated spitefulness, disrespect and untruthfulness.

Council Member Keith Smith, long term appointed political official as Police Chief of Scottsboro, now City Council Member. As he has reminded folks, 3 term elected official, bragging about it before the City Council and stating, "Never has this happened before." (photo by G. Morgan)

Declared public nuisance - Secret Condemnation and Demolition of dilapidated property, the Gross East Willow Street Property occurred sometime in 2014-2015, the demolition work was not approved by the City Council. There was no itemization or fixation of costs regarding the property demolition and city property maintenance estimated to be between $7500-$10,000. Statement of that problem - http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/03/house-demolished-by-city-of-scottsboro.html
Fair Use Rights for Google Earth photo utilized for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

Declared public nuisance - Secretly donated, dilapidated property and its' demolition of the Tupelo Pike - Wilson Street Property, 2014-2015. The property intake of the dilapidated property nor demolition of the property was approved by the City Council. Estimated cost of demolition,$5000.00 Now the City Council wants to donate the property to the Jackson County Rescue Squad stating the property is worth maybe $2000.00 However, upon research the property values of similar cleared, level lots demonstrate a vlue of between $4500-$7500, http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Scottsboro_AL/type-land/pg-2  Good luck to the rescue squad in their sale, if the donation occurs. They did not state they were willing or would take the property. At least you would think there would be some sort of willingness to accept the property presented to the City Council.
Fair Use Rights for Google Earth photo utilized for non-profit news reporting and commentary.

Requirements of Property Delapidated Property Demolition, Declarations, filings and Approvals may be found at http://codes.lp.findlaw.com/alcode/11/2/40/2  andprevious problems related to these issues may be found at, articles include links and references to the Code of Alabama 11-53B  http://arklite.blogspot.com/search/label/demolition%20on%20private%20property

Part 1

                                          VIDEO Part 2

VIDEO Segments reflecting comments of Mr. Smith and City Attorney related to excuses regarding the city's failure to follow law in regards to property management - demolition, acceptance of real estate into city ownership and funding the Rescue Squad. Never in their presentation did they actually address the issues I brought forward. At one point you can hear one of the council members tearing up paper. Rude, harassing, disrespectful, untruthful comments and actions pointed toward me for my suggestions and bringing forth problems and suggesting solutions originating from Mr. Smith.

Then there is the City Boat/Cabin-Cruiser Issue  involving the secret acquisition and sale of the boat without city council approval. A lack of city council approval for the acquisition and sale of property is a growing problem relating to the ignoring and disrespect for law in the City of Scottsboro. Link regarding the boat issue: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-boat-and-mayor-of-scottsboro-deep.html
This is a boat similar to the one sold for $3000.00, a 1979 Marinette Cabin Cruiser. Fair Use photo for non-profit news reporting and commentary, unknown contributor.

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