"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Monday, September 22, 2008

Poll Results

The following poll results are posted. Question: Do you favor the U.S. Government bail out of the failed insurance and financial institutions such as AIG and Lehman Bros.? 72%-No; 28%-yes ( 3 day poll). Question: Do you favor rezoning of the old aluminum plant site from R1, Residential to M1, Light Manufacturing? 78%-yes; 22%-no (158 votes, long term poll)

County Commission Meeting

1) Met with Commission, Garry Morgan gave invitation to Commissioners and the public to attend an informational session on Sustainable Energy Solutions presented by Dr. Arjun Makhijani on the Jackson County Courthouse Square by the Bandstand on Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2008 at 2PM. (link: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2008/09/dr-arjun-makhijani-to-visit-scottsboro.html ) 2) 4 items approved on the consent agenda. 3) Old Business: a) Minutes of previous meetings approved. b) Motion to fill 1 vacancies on North Sand Mountain Park Board, 2 vacancies on the Board, 1 filled by Frank Yates. b)$10,000 approved for the Sheriffs Dept. fuel budget. c) Approval of 2008-2009 Budget. 4) New Business: a) Approval of County Engineer contract extension for 3 years. b) Approval given to advertise vacant Highway Maintenance Technician 1 position for Public Works Department. c) Approval of return of bid bond check of Mr. M.F. Gardner. d) Contract with Alabama Department of Youth Services approved for juvenile detention services. e) Approval of transfer of Ms. Anna Lewis from Sheriffs Dept. to Commission Office to fill position of Commission Clerk. f) Discussion of county financial accounts and disclosure. Balance in General Fund is $7,518,928. A motion was made and approved to pay off all county obligations to include establishing a bond escrow account to pay off County Bonds outstanding. The total to be payed on all debt is $4,709,490. This will leave approximately $2.8 million in the commission accounts after all debt is paid. It was noted that this reserve was built in 8 years time.

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Old Business: 1) City Audit Report by the auditing firm of Borland and Benefield. The final audit report will be presented to the City council on Sep. 23, 2008. The main concern expressed was the financial condition of Goose Pond Colony and their $6.5 million in debt. It was further recommended that Goose Pond Colony sell Plantation Point and that the City Parks and Recreation Board, GPC Board, be disbanded and the management of the complex be handled as a department of the city. 2) Clark St. appropriation approved for $7500.00; Street Dept to begin work very soon on the project.


New Business: 1) Alcohol Beverage License public hearing, on site sale and off site sale, for City Billiards on Broad St., the "old pool hall;" approved. 2) Property appraisal concerning airport property, tabled. 3) Change Order on Police Station renovation project for $20,178, approved. Reported that the expense thus far on the renovation project is $2,945,222.18. 4) Municipal Judge appointment, Mr. Don Word. 5) Assistant Municipal Judge appointment, Mr. Charles Dawson. 6) City Prosecutors appointed, Ms Patricia Stewart, Mr Brian Rice. 7) Consultant Agreement for lowering city employee insurance costs. Consulting firm to be paid 20% of total cost savings. 8) Bid openings for cleaning Rec-Com rejected. Bids not opened, error in bid specifications. 9) Charity Road blocks approved for Knights of Columbus on October 11, 2008. 10) Vacancies on Museum Commission, 6 vacancies, requests for placement on the Museum Commission must be turned into Mrs. Gail Duffey, City Clerk by 12 noon on Oct. 2, 2008. 11) The Historic Preservation Commission and the Library Board each have one vacancy. Interested applicants for these positions must have applications turned into Mrs Gail Duffey, City Clerk, by 12 noon on Oct. 2, 2008. 12) Caution light for Moody Ridge Rd. and Al Hwy 279 Resolution for maintenance on light approved. 13) It was announced by the Council President that Mrs. Gail Duffey will be retiring on Nov. 3, 2008. Mrs. Duffey has 32 years of Distinguished Service to the City of Scottsboro. Mrs. Duffey is the Director of the City Clerks Association of Alabama. A Resolution was also passed that the City Council Chambers auditorium will be named "Gail Duffey Auditorium."

Dr. Arjun Makhijani to Visit Scottsboro

"A technological revolution has been brewing in the last few years, so it won't cost an arm and a leg to eliminate both CO2 emissions and nuclear power. We can solve the problems of oil imports, nuclear proliferation as it is linked to nuclearpower, and carbon dioxide emissions simultaneously if we are bold enough."--Arjun Makhijani, Ph.D.
Dr. Arjun Makhijani, http://www.ieer.org/ , will visit Scottsboro and make a presentation on the Courthouse Square in Scottsboro on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 2PM by the bandstand. The following Press release was issued by the Bellefonte Efficiency and Sustainability Team a local Chapter of the Blue Ridge Enviromental Defense League, http://www.bredl.org/nuclear/index.htm


SEPTEMBER 19, 2008


The Bellefonte Efficiency and Sustainability Team (BEST), a local Chapter of the
Blue Ridge Enviromental Defense League, invites all to appear on the north side of
the Courthouse Square by the Bandstand in Scottsboro, Alabama at 2PM on September the
24, 2008. There, Dr. Arjun Makhijani, a recognized authority on energy issues, will share his
knowledge regarding nuclear energy and our energy future. He is president of the Institute
for Energy and Environmental Research in Tacoma Park, Maryland.

"A technological revolution has been brewing in the last few years, so
it won't cost an arm and a leg to eliminate both CO2 emissions and nuclear power. We can
solve the problems of oil imports, nuclear proliferation as it is linked to nuclear power, and
carbon dioxide emissions simultaneously if we are bold enough," states Dr. Makhijani.

“Those in attendance will learn about an alternative clean energy plan that will allow
our children and grandchildren a healthier and less risky future while ending our dependence
on foreign oil,” said BEST member Garry Morgan.

Dr. Makhijani is the author and co-author of numerous reports and books on energy and environment related issues. He was the principal author of the first study of the energy
efficiency potential of the US economy published in 1971. He is the author of Carbon-Free
and Nuclear-Free: A Road map for U.S. Energy Policy (2007). He earned his Ph.D. from the
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California,
Berkeley in 1972, specializing in nuclear fusion.

Winner of numerous awards, Dr. Makhijani has testified before Congress, and has
appeared on ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Evening News, CBS 60 Minutes, NPR,
CNN, and BBC, among others. He has served as a consultant on energy issues to utilities,
including the Tennessee Valley Authority.

In case of rain, the session will be held at the Scottsboro Rec-Com, 701 South Broad
St., Rm 103, Scottsboro.


For those who are interested in joining BREDL, http://www.bredl.org/membership.htm or joining with other citizens of the area surrounding Bellefonte who are concerned about the negative environmental and economic impact a nuclear facility may have on our area may contact Garry Morgan at email: arklite2go@yahoo.com If you prefer you may list a message within, I will not post email addresses.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Scottsboro City Council Work Session

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>South Broad Street, circa 1949

Agenda: 1) Landfill fee discussion concerning the $1.00 per ton fee placed on landfills to assist in funding ADEM, Alabama Department of Enviromental Management. Mr. Eddie Blizzard, City Waste Management Director, stated the landfill intake was approximately 46,000 tons last year. Fuel price increases also have resulted in increased costs. It was estimated that a $1.00 per month per household increase in garbage collection fees should cover the costs. 2) Street Superintendent Ronnie Dolberry presentation concerning appropriation request for Clark St. improvement. Part of the street is privately owned by Mr. Billy Jack Kirby. Drainage was performed on the private property portion of the street several years ago. The property owner requested several months ago that his property be returned to its original state along his road. This is funding for that project. 3) Airport land acquisition appraisal. Apparently property surrounding the airport is available for purchase. There was a discussion concerning a property appraisal for this property. 4) Sign ordinance discussion. 5)Municipal Judge Appointment discussion, Mr. Don Word requested reappointment. 6) City Prosecutor Appointment discussion, Ms. Patricia Stewart and Mr. Brian Rice has applied for reappointment. Mr. Darryl Eustace has also applied for the position of City Prosecutor. 7) Assistant Municipal Judge Appointment, Mr. Charles Dawson has requested reappointment. 8) Consulting Agreement with Community Insurance, LLC discussion. This company is an insurance consulting agency which works to save its client's rate payments and receives their pay, 20%, based on the money saved for its client.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wall Street Failures Continue

Will the Fed bail out Lehman Brothers? It appears the large investment banking firm will fail. This has warranted an Emergency Meeting of the Federal Reserve.
The house of "Credit Cards" comes tumbling down. More failures of our fiat economy and placing national worth in credit, a big mistake. Unfortunately our financial situation is so bleak that many families are not able to survive and buy necessities without credit. Families that become slaves to the credit banker. Now the credit bankers are failing due to failed political policy of NAFTA, CAFTA and other policies which have resulted in shipping our wealth to other nations. Our leaders have been traitorous to working Americans for many years. National leadership moves our country into further debt, into further foreign ownership of our assets.
What effect will these economically stressful times have on further home development on Goose Pond? I have been informed there are many, many pending local foreclosures.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

City Council Meeting

The Monday night City Council meeting was a joint work session and regular council meeting. I will list the work session items and where approved by the council at the regular meeting I will indicate as such. 1) Fire Fighter Proclamation from the Mayor recognizing Scottsboro's Firefighters for their efforts in raising funds for charity. 2)Bid discussion concerning recyclable material out of the household garbage stream. There were 104,000lbs of recyclable waste collected. This sale resulted in 2 businesses submitting sealed bids for the waste. During the regular session it was revealed that Traylor and Co. submitted the highest bid at $28.00 per ton, Recycling for Scottsboro submitted a bid for $25.00 per ton. The Traylor Group was awarded the waste lot. 3) Budget discussion. Budget Hearings will take place after the new council takes office. 4) Discussion to hire a Professional Property Appraiser for Goose Pond Island. Appraisal to be rendered by Neal Taylor, Professional Appraiser at the cost of $1500.00 The council approved this action during the regular session. 5) Cemetery discussion concerning water installation in the new section of the cemetery. Also, discussion concerning cutting of some trees. in the cemetery. 6) Discussion concerning an ADEM Landfill charge of $1.00 per ton of waste to fund ADEM, this is a state mandate and will probably be passed on to the customer.

Dog Pound Progress

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Crane and weathered, unusable rafters
>>>>>>>>>>>Ruined Rafters left out in the weather for months.
Went out to the Dog Pound today, Scottsboro/ Jackson County Animal Control Shelter construction project. I had received a tip the rafters that were to be installed on the shelter had been allowed to sit out in the weather for several months and are ruined. A crane was on site to install the rafters. However, after installation, according to the report, the rafters had to be removed due to them being unsuitable for use. What other unsuitable materials have been used? Such a waste of materials, you will notice the many rafters ruined and wasted due to them being left out in the elements apparently for many months.
Apparently the job Foreman did not appreciate me taking pictures and attempted to run me off. I'd say he has something to hide. I requested that he not interfere with me taking pictures. Several inmates, 4-5, were sitting idle enjoying this cool summers day. One was working. I took the two quick photo's and left immediately. I'll be discussing this issue with city officials.
Update: The rafter waste will not be charged to the city. The city building inspectors caught the defective trusses and required them to be removed, per Mr. Curtis Davis, City Planner. What was the cost of this building? {$400K+) Thanks to our city inspectors this obvious shoddy construction was averted. No hurry to complete this job as it will allow more convicts to enjoy some time on the outside. How closely and to what frequency is this job site inspected?

Jackson County Commission and Open Government

Dog and Pony show politics at the Jackson County Courthouse
According to the Jackson Co Commission's Attorney in a letter dated July 17, 2008, per direction of the Chairman of the County Commission, balances of money in the commission accounts or fund balances are not "public writings or public records." The Jackson County Commission's balances are simply, "information." "The amount of money in any particular bank account of the county commission on any particular date is not a public writing," public record. Very convenient, particularly if you are a crook. State Auditors comments concerning the commissions accounts, "Beginning account balances were changed with no explanation or audit trail. In addition, several entries to the prior period adjustments were noted that were inappropriate." (audit #07-585) Sounds as if the books are being "cooked."
> >
No wonder the local Democrats in the Courthouse need to paint concerned individuals as being terrorist associated with Timothy McVea. It would seem those concerned citizens have turned up a den of either crooked politicians or a bunch of ignorant folks in political office that have no idea of reasonable, accountable, open government. Those crooked politicians or ignorant folks are called our county commissioners.
Another question arises, why would the Jackson County Commission intentionally omit a member of the commission from the auditors out brief? The commission held the state auditor out brief in secret. They contend the public has no right to be present at the auditors out briefing. No press, no public and the exclusion of a commissioner. The Jackson County Commission leaves their stamp on open government. Unfortunately the press does not seem to care that the audit out brief was conducted in such a fashion.
James Tidmore, the Commission Chairman, had this reply to me yesterday concerning opening the accounting records of the county commission to public scrutiny. "I don't have to provide account balances to the public, I'm not required to place account balances in a notebook for public view." Thank goodness this person will be out of office in the near future. At one time I supported James Tidmore, that was a mistake.
Kind of like Lowell Barron and his disposition of TVA in lieu of tax revenue being utilized as the delegation members see fit beyond the scope of public scrutiny, no deliberative process no oversight, just the abuse and misdirection of public funds for the purpose of reelection of the delegation.
In the words of many local Democrats, "Why I'd elect the devil before a Republican." Yes local Democrats many of you seem to care less over the principles of our Republic and have chose a course of "the devil" for the Jackson County Commission. Now we will see very soon if the next commission does any better.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Open Records in Jackson County, Alabama or Stealing the Public Trust

Citizens gather to support County Commission District 2 Independent Candidate Kym Chapman prior to a Press Conference at the Jackson County Courthouse Friday afternoon
>>>>>>>>District 2 Independent Candidate Kym Chapman
The following is a copy of a memorandum that I submitted to Mr. John Porter, County Attorney for the Jackson County Commission. The Jackson county Commission has refused to disclose its finances to the public as required by law. Due to their actions, what are they hiding? I am scheduled to discuss this issue before the Jackson County Commission at Monday's Commission Meeting.


Memorandum Concerning Request to view Budget Record of the Jackson County Commission‏

Mr. John Porter, Esquire

Jackson County, Alabama Commission Attorney

Morning John,

This will serve as a memorandum concerning my verbal request to Administrative Personnel of the Jackson County Commission on Sept 4, 2008, approximately 2PM to view, not copy, the Jackson County Commission's current balance to the Commission's Budget. A message was relayed via the receptionist on duty to Ms. West then back to me that I would not be able to view the budget balance or spreadsheet which contains the balance. I was told that it would be necessary to gain the permission of Mr. Porter to view the files. This was the reason for the trip to your office yesterday afternoon. There was no explanation given at the front office as to any procedure involved in the inspection of a record. Inspection of the Commission Minutes was not a problem and was made readily available upon request. The Commissions Budget Balance Sheet is a Public Record as described under the code of Alabama Section 36-12-40. As a citizen I am authorized to inspect that record. There has been a continuing issue concerning the contents of the budget at the Jackson County Commission meetings. I was informed by Ms. Kym Chapman, Independent Candidate for Commission Office and one other that they had been refused inspection of the same record. Thus, I decided to go to the Commission Office with Ms. Chapman and inspect the record and was refused. I have discussed this matter with Mr. Tidmore and have been placed on the agenda for Monday's Commission meeting, topic of Open Records and Disclosure. I have also discussed this situation with Doyle York, Chief Deputy and Dennis Miller, Jackson County Sheriff, as it is my contention that this refusal to produce the budget record for inspection is a violation of the Criminal Code of Alabama "Section 13A-10-12 Tampering with governmental records.(a) A person commits the crime of tampering with governmental records if: (3) Knowing he lacks the authority to retain a governmental record he refuses to deliver up the record in his possession upon proper request of a person lawfully entitled to receive such record for examination or other purposes. (b) Tampering with governmental records is a Class A misdemeanor. Mr. York refused to take a statement relative to this act. Upon discussion of the matter with Sheriff Miller he suggested that I discuss the situation with the District Attorney which I will do Monday morning as the DA personnel are tied up in court this morning.
My purpose is to compel disclosure of this record. It is my position there is no reason why this record should not be readily available for inspection by any citizen with out formal written request, just as the Commission Minutes are available for inspection without a formal request in writing. Mr. Tidmore has stated this record is contained in an electronic format and not readily available. This is not a citizens problem as the record could very easily be printed and placed in a notebook for viewing.
Resolution of this situation is simple and should not be a long and drawn out affair. Duplicate the Commission's spreadsheet balance record, place it in a notebook for viewing. This process could be updated on a monthly basis.
As you know, law and learned opinion favors the disclosure of records and public access unless there is a specific exemption. There are no exemptions in this matter, it is only a matter of public officials involved making a copy of the record, place it in a notebook and make it available for viewing.

Have a nice day,



The Jackson County Commission has received requests in writing concerning this issue. They have refused production of these public writings. This is a clear violation of the Criminal Code of the State of Alabama which states: Section 13A-10-12 Tampering with governmental records; (3) Knowing he lacks the authority to retain a governmental record he refuses to deliver up the record in his possession upon proper request of a person lawfully entitled to receive such record for examination or other purposes. (b) Tampering with governmental records is a Class A misdemeanor.


Citizens are entitled to inspect public writings. Section 36-12-40 "Every citizen has a right to inspect and take a copy of any public writing of this state, except as otherwise expressly provided by statute." Public writings include all documents, printed, in writing, charts, graphs, maps and those documents in electronic form as well as others generated by our state, county and local governments as specified by law. There are disclosure exceptions, exceptions are noted by law. A governmental agency must declare the exception if they are to refuse disclosure of a record. In the case of the Jackson County Commission they are displaying great disrespect toward the citizens of Jackson County. We have entrusted them to do our business, they have broken the laws of this state due to their non-disclosure of finances of the Jackson County Commission. The Jackson County Commission's position that all requests for disclosure must be placed in writing does not hold water. Requests have been placed in writing, the Jackson county Commission refused to produce the public documents requested. The Jackson County Commission has taken the position that citizens are not entitled to view documents by their actions, they have flagrantly violated the law and must be held accountable. The Jackson County Commission has not administrated their policy in a fair and equitable fashion. The Jackson County Commission has actively DISCRIMINATED based on political party status of those making the requests. This is not the first time the Jackson County Commission has endeavored to "steal the public trust."

Letter to the Editor of Scottsboro's The Daily Sentinel, Weekend Edition.

Sustainable energy solutions are the answer, not new outrageously expensive nuclear construction . (Stop Sign Photo by Tom Moss, BEST/BREDL)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TVA's Bellefonte Dream

Dear Editor,

I thought Mr. Shurett's Editorial in Saturday/Sunday's The Daily Sentinel this past week concerning nuclear power was interesting but wrong on several points. I want to address a few points he listed in the Editorial.


There is never a reason to dismiss a viable proposal but I ask all to consider these facts along with the references listed. There is no conspiracy theory, no exaggeration, just the facts. 10 reasons I think nuclear power is a bad idea for our community.


The following facts are presented, I will list references at the end of this writing. (1) The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has documented nearly 200 “near misses” to serious reactor accidents in the US since 1986, eight of which involved a risk of a core meltdown that was greater than one in 1,000. (2) A recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists has shown that of the 104 nuclear power reactors in the United States, severe problems have caused 41 to shut down for a year or longer, with some registering multiple shutdowns. Such extended shutdowns reveal the degree to which cumulative decay and unattended maintenance issues allow safety margins to deteriorate to levels so low that reactor operations must cease. (3) Nuclear power is the slowest and costliest way to reduce CO2 emissions when compared to efficiency, distributed generation and some renewable sources. (4) Children living near nuclear power plants suffer from higher level of birth defects. A study of medical records found that infant death rates near 5 U.S. nuclear plants increased within two years after the plants opened. The study also found that infant death rates decreased from 15-20% once the plants closed. The decreases in cancer and birth defects continued for 7 years after plant closure. (5) Nuclear power threatens our water supply. According to Bellefonte's Application for a license, it is expected to withdraw 71 million gallons of water per day and loose 46 million gallons per day due to evaporation. The remaining 1/3rd will be returned at much higher temperatures resulting in thermal pollution that severly stresses the surrounding ecosystem. (6) There is no safe level of radiation, no safe dose. Radiation exposures damage reproductive cells and can lead to mutations from generation to generation in humans and animals. Each new exposure to radiation adds to the risks of abortion, mental retardation, spina bifada, heart disease, leukemia and other cancers. (7) TVA debt increased from $22.685 billion 1st quarter 2008 to $23.035 billion 2nd quarter 2008; interest on the debt increased from $20.724 billion 1st quarter to $21.878 billion 2nd quarter; total commitments increased from $55.659 billion 1st quarter to $57.193 billion 2nd quarter. TVA's Bond-debt/interest is in excess of $44.9 billion dollars, $14.9 billion dollars over the TVA Act's $30 billion debt limit. (8) The prospects for nuclear energy as an option are limited by many "unresolved problems," of which "high relative cost" is only one. Others include environment, safety and health issues, nuclear proliferation concerns, and the challenge of long-term waste management. (9) From 2000 through October 2007, nuclear power plant construction costs -- mainly materials, labor and engineering -- have gone up 185 percent! That means a nuclear power plant that would have cost $4 billion to build in 2000 would have cost more than $11 billion to build last October, costs continue to climb. (10) The TVA refuses to release costs of construction of a Bellefonte Nuclear Plant, stating that the costs are "proprietary information." The TVA is an organization of the Federal Government, what type of proprietary information do they need to hide?


In short, nuclear power is not clean, it is not safe and it is not cheap.


The answer to our problems of energy for the future rests in sustainable energy solutions, not future nuclear construction, we can not afford it. One man, T. Boone Pickens has come up with an idea that many think is workable, I agree. If you have not seen his site and read what he has to say I strongly suggest everyone do so. http://www.pickensplan.com/ His wind power plan is workable. The plans usage of natural gas also makes sense, it also moves us away from foreign oil dependance. A natural gas infra-structure also may be utilized to "break ground" for a hydrogen fuel infra-structure for our children's future economy. The future looks bright, if we do not place all our "eggs into the nuclear basket." Placing all those multi billion dollar "eggs into the nuclear basket" may very well have disastrous effects for the TVA and certainly will result in much higher electric bills in each of our mail boxes.
Garry Morgan


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Atomic Rhapsody-Birth of Atomic Energy-MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)-The Deceit of Atomic Power Proponents

The "New Atomic Bomb," NUCLEAR POWER, is as economically dangerous as an atomic weapon to our economy. The costs of radioactive atomic power are revealed in this article. http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/06/02/nuclear_power_price/ #
http://www.nirs.org/falsepromises.pdf (article quotes) "Reactors remain dangerous; catastrophic accidents can and likely will occur... " "Subsequent inspections from 2000 through 2002 revealed that a substantially large number of reactor operators ignored their agreed-upon Corrective Action Programs. Instead many operators substituted unapproved and largely unanalyzed “operator manual actions” rather than fix the bogus fire barriers..." " The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has documented nearly 200 “near misses” to serious reactor accidents in the US since 1986, eight of which involved a risk of a core meltdown that was greater than one in 1,000." The deceit of the nuclear industry is exposed in the "False Promises" expose.


"Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb ." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gb0mxcpPOU
Atomic Beautiful Day, "MAD World"
Tsar Bomba, History of the largest bomb in the world:

"The only way to win Word War III is to prevent it" - Dwight Eisenhower

Nuclear explosion N├╝kleer Felaket
Nuclear Weapons Yesterday and Tomorrow
Fluke -Atomic Bomb

The "New Nuclear Bomb," NUCLEAR POWER, is as economically dangerous as a nuclear weapon to our economy, it is supported by alledgedly intelligent people. Unfortunately many of those people who support the "new bomb" apparently seem to be lacking good sense and veracity. Nuclear Power is not sustainable energy nor is it clean, safe or cheap, those that say it is clean, safe and cheap are simply not telling the truth. In the world of Nuclear Surety, this claim raises questions as to the reliability of those who support nuclear power with their false claims. ( "Long standing reactor safety violations go without NRC enforcement." http://www.nirs.org/falsepromises.pdf ) Nuclear power supporters have developed a massive propaganda campaign attempting to hide the dangers and the costs of nuclear power.
The following is an article concerning the cost of nuclear power from "salon.com".
"What do they know that scores of utility executives and the Economist don't? Nothing, actually. Nuclear power still has so many problems that unless the federal government shovels tens of billions of dollars more in subsidies to the industry, and then shoves it down the throat of U.S. utilities and the public with mandates, it is unlikely to see a significant renaissance in this country. Nor is nuclear power likely to make up even 10 percent of the solution to the climate problem globally. "
"Why? In a word, cost. Many other technologies can deliver more low-carbon power at far less cost. As a 2003 MIT study, "The Future of Nuclear Energy," concluded: "The prospects for nuclear energy as an option are limited" by many "unresolved problems," of which "high relative cost" is only one. Others include environment, safety and health issues, nuclear proliferation concerns, and the challenge of long-term waste management. "
"Since new nuclear power now costs more than double what the MIT report assumed -- three times what the Economist called "too costly to matter" -- let me focus solely on the unresolved problem of cost. While safety, proliferation and waste issues get most of the publicity, nuclear plants have become so expensive that cost overwhelms the other problems. "
http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2008/06/02/nuclear_power_price/ #

Monday, September 1, 2008

First Monday Chronicles, Part 3

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Big crowd this morning.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This little fellow likes the peddle cars.
>A grand ole jalopy pays a visit to the Square late this afternoon.

This Labor Day Weekend winds down on this windy Monday. Today was a busy day that brought back memories of First Mondays of the past 2 decades. Folks were spending money and purchasing some great bargains. Many thanks to Ann Kennamer and the folks at Payne's for the orange freeze and the pound cake. I want to tell ya the Orange Freeze was great. Better than an Orange Julius which is my favorite orange drink besides a double Gran Marnier straight up. How about this "You-Tube" video of Payne's
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLT-lvj3oEg and this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIrXwCFbpAE&feature=user in beautiful downtown Scottsboro, Alabama on the square.