"A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."


Sunday, August 31, 2008

First Monday Chronicles, Part 2

>>Wow, Shriner's box of Hundred Dollar Bills. Get'cha a chance on them, visit the Shriners. Someone has to win them. The Shriners do fantastic work for children.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pam's Jewelry and collectibles

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Quilts and crafts

>>>>>>>>>>Phil's hand made Maple rockers and swings.

>>>>>>>Mac and Linda, Mac says he has been coming to First Mondays for about 30 years. Fishing tackle, and knick-knacks.

>>Yours truly, may God Bless all during this Labor Day Weekend.

> Selfville, Alabama potter Bobby Gather. Bobby's Alabama Glazed Pottery and Face Jugs style are among the best in the Southeast.

>Long time knife trader Mr. John T. Dolberry. Mr. Dolberry has been coming to First Mondays for more than 80 years.

>>>>>>Peanuts and pork skins, a regular vendor at First Mondays.

>The Shriners, many a winter morning's First Mondays have been made bearable by a warm cup of java from the "Shriners Diner." Hot Dogs and hamburgers are the standard fair.

>> Singer Jessee Williams was on hand for this months Trade Day.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Monday Chronicles, Part 1

You never know what or who you will see at First Monday. Pee Wee Herman made a brief appearance. He was very short, I doubt if he was over 3 feet and acted like a dummy.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ladies and sports fans .

Sagetown Owner Creig Moore examines an unusual antique .25 cal European Rifle. Creig's Sagetown Collectors Gallery is located at 108 S. Broad Street in Scottsboro. Creig has been trading knives at First Monday since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Sagetown Link: http://www.freewebs.com/sagetown/ Stop by and see Creig he is open Wed. thru Sat. 10AM to 5PM. He offers world class art work, historical curiosities from the U.S and the world, custom made Sand Mountain, Jackson County Alabama saddles, rare and unusual antique furniture. Interested in participating in a knife club, contact Creig. His store phone number is 256-574-6802.

The First Monday Labor Day Car and Motorcycle Show was an outstanding event that brought visitors from from far and wide.

>>Golf Clubs and old paperback novels, Jim and his wife have been coming to Scottsboro for many, many years.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hand carved Sioux Rattle Snake Pipe with stand. Beautiful carving, the pipe has received the traditional Sioux pipe blessing. >Watch for Snakes<

Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor Day First Monday Trade Days

>>>>>>>>>>>>>*Horse Swappers Day, First Monday 1915
*The Scottsboro Boys Trial occured on First Monday April 1931.
>>First Monday brings a crowd, food, music, antiques and bargins.
>>>>Coins, knives, pottery, artifacts and historical curiosities.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will be the big Trade Day Event of the Year. The City of Scottsboro's link describing the history of the First Monday event. http://www.cityofscottsboro.com/First%20Monday/history.php Copies of the first 2 pictures will be on sale at my booth on the west side of the square across from Hammer's. (* I own the originals with all rights.) Stop by and say hello.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Melton Potter Elected as Mayor of Scottsboro

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Mayor Elect Melton Potter
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Place 1 Runoff Candidate Ms. Sandy Walker
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Place 1 Runoff Candidate Mr Thurmond Bell
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Place 2 Runoff Candidate Jim Boatner
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Place 2 Runoff Candidate Gary Speers

Mr. Melton Potter was elected as the new Mayor of Scottsboro defeating incumbent Mayor Dan Deason by a 2 to 1 margin. Place 1 Candidates Mr. Thurmond Bell and Ms. Sandy Walker will have a runoff election. Place 2 Candidates Mr. Gary Spears and Mr. Jim Boatner are in the runoff for that position.

Town Hall Meeting with Senator Jeff Sessions

Approximately 50 Jackson County citizens were present on this rainy Tuesday to attend a Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Sponsored Town Hall Meeting with the citizens of Jackson County, Alabama and U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions, R. at the Docks Restaurant in Scottsboro's beautiful Goose Pond Colony ( Link: http://www.goosepond.org/index.html ). Senator Sessions discussed several issues ranging from Federal Judges extreamist rulings to our energy crisis. This was an opportunity for citizens to address concerns and issues to Senator Sessions. (Link to wiki's bio on Senator Sessions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeff_Sessions .)


Senator Sessions conveyed 3 main points (**>) during his presentation: **>Federal Judges should refrain themselves from extreamist judgements and follow the law, not attempt to create law. The creation of Laws are under the purview of Congress. **>Senator John McCain is more qualified to be President. **>Energy was his main point of presentation, many secondary points on energy, Senator Sessions sits on the Energy oversight committee which is one of the committees with Congressional Oversight of the TVA. Quotes, >"Families are spending $105.00 more per month on fuel than last year." >"60% of our fuel is imported, much of it is from unfriendly countries. We need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. T. Boone Pickens is fundamentally correct," Sessions stated. ( T. Boone Pickens link. http://www.pickensplan.com/ ) "We need to open off shore drilling, open Alaskan Oil, convert coal to liquid and convert oil bearing shale to oil. Our greatest potential to reduce dependence on OPEC oil is plug in electric hybrids." {Absolutely Senator, advances in solar energy production may serve to charge batteries which power electric hybrids. gm}


"Nuclear Power is the future. There are 106 Nuclear Plants in the U.S. France is producing 80% of its power from nuclear energy. (Note, the Senator skips between topics in his presentation.) Waste wood should be utilized for bio-mass conversion to bio-diesel fuel." {Just last night I was privileged to a conversation with a local Engineer for a major paper manufacturer. That conversation centered on avoiding the use of wood for fuel manufacture. "The use of wood products as a fuel source will drive up the costs of building lumber and pulp mill products."} Back to the Senator, "Expensive coal and fossil fuels are forcing power plants to utilize precious natural gas." >TVA Nuclear Energy. "Bellefonte is pushing for start up in 11 years, the TVA is still committed to the Nu-Start Coalition. Bellefonte will bring 1000 to 2000 new jobs.{Just not to current citizens. gm} Browns Ferry and Watts Barr are very economical." {Of course, since the TVA has the capability to issue bonds to fund their debt. gm}


Citizen input was requested from Senator Sessions. I addressed the TVA's debt and failure to disclose financial construction costs at Bellefonte. TVA's Bond-debt/interest is in excess of $44.9 billion dollars, $14.9 billion dollars over the debt limit. Concern over this debt was expressed, the Senator acknowledged the debt is a problem for the TVA. I explained that the TVA has refused disclosure and citizen requests for accountability. The Senator agreed that the TVA is accountable to a citizens efforts to demonstrate accountability. A group of documents were presented to the Senator to include the refusal of the TVA to follow the NRC Administrative Law Judges Order to Disclose. These documents displays TVA mismanagement and reflects massive debt which may result in an insolvent TVA. (Related article link from this blog describing TVA debt to include comments by financial and energy experts concerning their debt. http://arklite.blogspot.com/2008/07/close-look-at-tva-debt-by-experts.html )


Other issues addressed included the illegal entry of foreign nationals into the United States. Senator Sessions stated that he supports stopping illegals at the border.


One citizen spoke up concerning geological concerns surrounding the area of Bellefonte, stating sink holes and earthquakes are a risk. The Senator stated, "I think the TVA is looking at this area and has addressed this issue. It was stated by another citizen that nuclear energy is a clean and safe form of energy. Senator Sessions agreed. I spoke up and stated, "nuclear energy is not safe and it is not clean." Senator Sessions stated that no one has been killed by nuclear energy. I spoke up and stated, " that is not true several have been killed." The Senator stated, "many have been killed in coal accidents." I did not get the chance to issue forth my next challenge. A slight discontented sound of mumbling rose from a few in the crowd. Senator Sessions interjected quickly by stating, "clean or safe nuclear power is a debatable issue." I asked the Senator if Congress has any plan for a hydrogen economy to replace the fossil fuel economy, his reply. The Senator shook his head in the affirmative, then stated. "There are problems in hydrogen fuel storage and production. Nuclear Energy would play a role in hydrogen fuel production." {Senator Sessions did not seem to be aware of advances in hydrogen fuel cell technology, nor did he indicate any type of a future plan for fuel or power production that involves hydrogen. gm} The meeting ended.


I was left with the impression that Senator Sessions is not aware of the full scope of TVA's ever expanding debt, lack of debt management and appropriate accountability. His interests seem to be singularly oriented to nuclear expansion of the TVA without concern for mounting debt and the affects of inflation on citizens. He is oriented toward nuclear power but is concerned over TVA's debt and lack of disclosure. Senator Sessions did state, "clean and safe nuclear power is a debatable issue." But would argue on the side that nuclear energy is clean and safe.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Jackson County Commission Meeting

3 items on the consent agenda approved for $3097.50 Old Business: 1) Ray Keller appointed to County Personnel Board. 2) Resolution for approval of John Manville Inc. to participate in the Alabama Enterprise Zone Program. Resolution tabled due to question in contract. 3) Decontamination shelter Bid. Bid rejected due to no Bid Bond.


New Business: 1) Family Cemetery approved pending Health Department approval. 2) Reappointment of Mr. John Woodall to the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association Board. 3) Christina Dolberry's resignation approved as Commission Clerk and approval for advertising of replacement. 4) Line item transfers for the Probate Office approved. 5)Approval for General Funds transfer for Road Work, estimate $175K to $200K. Animal Control Officer hiring approved per recommendation of Sheriff. Mr Ricky Grey was the selected candidate. He is a certified Peace Officer who currently works at Alabama A&M 6) Executive Session approved, good name and character.

Scottsboro City Council Meeting

Old Business: 1) Report by Mr. Eddie Blizzard on recycling operations. It was reported that 104,000 lbs of recyclable material have been collected. It was suggested by the City Attorney that sealed bids should be taken for the purchase of the recycle material. It was reported that 2 businesses were interested in the material. 2) Rezoning request of the old Aluminum Plant property withdrew by the owners approved. Mr. Chandler of North Island Developers stated that a request for rezoning the property to M1, Light Manufacturing, will be submitted. 3) Rezoning Ordinance rejected due to the withdrawal of the zoning request. 4) Animal Control Ordinance approved. Major changes involve leashes for dogs and cats, tags will be acquired after the rabies vaccination, leash law has been implemented in areas off of owners property (does not apply to cats), hunting exceptions.


New Business: 1) Approved request for a traffic survey at Hwy. 35 and Crawford Rd. 2) One time pay raise approved for city retirees. 3) Budget Amendment for Planning Dept. for $1200 for Building Inspector to attend Building Codes Conference. 4) Change order for the new Police Department, move generator and Engineering for outside area. 5) Appointment to Water Sewer and Gas Board. Mr Matthews and Mrs Dicus was reappointed. 6) Medical Clinic Board Appointments, Ms. Emma Braevet, Mr Ron Bray. 7) Zoning Board of Adjustment, Mr. Eugene Nichols, Ms Jeanine Arnold, part time-Mr. Gene Greer. 8) Historic Preservation Commission, Mrs. Ann Kennamer 9) Architectural Review Board, Mr. Morgan Butler. 10) Access Road Closure approved for the road in front of the High School, closed for a Track and Field Meet on Oct 13, 2008 11) Meeting continued until Sept 2, 2008 to confirm election choices. 12) Mayor was out this evening due to the sickness of his mother; Mr. Thomas was late due to work. 13) City election tomorrow, polls open from 7AM to 7PM, location is the Rec Com on South Houston St.

New Poll--Who Would You Vote for as President?

The 3 choices for President are, Mr. John McCain, Mr. Barrack Obama and the third Choice, Mr. Terry Thomas, Scottsboro City Council Member.

Result of Mayors Poll

Mr. Melton Potter is on the right next to speakers podium, Mayor Dan Deason is on the left. Mr. Potter has won this pole by greater than a 5 to 1 margin.
Tuesday August 26, 2008 is election day, elections will be held at the Rec Com on South Houston Street.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TVA Board Meeting Knoxville, Tn. RATES to Increase

Today the TVA Board met in Knoxville for its 4th Quarter board meeting. There was grim news originating from the TVA Board.


Fuel costs continue to rise. Coal has increased 236%, Fossil Fuels have increased 23.9% and Nuclear fuels have increased 9.5%. $2 Billion in long term bonds were authorized, further increasing TVA's massive debt. It was reported at the end of this fiscal year there will be a $175 million deficit in cash flow. To correct the problem the Board authorized a $385 million dollar loan to get the cash flow up to the required $200 million, it must be nice to say "yea" and the cash returns, at the expense of the TVA's ratepayers and taxpayers. A 20.5% rate increase was approved by the board. Rate payers may expect to see the increase on the October electric bill.


TVA is going further in the hole. It was reported TVA debt is at $25,093,000,000. With $2 billion more tacked on to bonds issued that will bring the interest payments close to $23,000,000,000 for an approximate total of $48,000,000,000 debt and interest on the TVA debt. An approximately $3 Billion increase over last quarters debt and debt interest.
Will just 1, one, local politician please ask the TVA what actual construction costs are and how they will pay for a Bellefonte Nuclear Plant with a $44Billion debt and interest on the debt? Particularly when there is a $30Billion Congressional Debt and Interest Cap.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

City Election Forums Photos, Part 3

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Gary Speers, Place 2 Candidate
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Buddy Simmons, Incumbent
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Jim Boatner, Place 2 Candidate
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Melton Potter, Candidate for Mayor
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mayor Dan Deason, Incumbent
Candidates for City Council, Place 2 and Mayor.

City Election Forum Photos, Part 2

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Ronnie "Tank" Wright
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ms. Sandy Walker
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Charles L. Von Ham
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mr. Thurmond Bell

Candidates for Scottsboro City Council Place 1.

City Election Forum Photos, Part 1

> Ron Livengood of K98 FM Radio and Brad Shurett, Publisher of The Daily Sentinel Sponsors >>>>>>>>>Rick Roden, CEO Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, Moderator
Mayor: Mayor Dan Deason, Mr. Melton Potter; Place 2 Mr. Buddy Simmons, Mr. Jim Boatner
Place 1: (Left to Right) Mr. Thurmond Bell, Mr. Charles Von Ham, Ms. Sandy Walker, Mr. Ronnie "Tank" Wright
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Place 2 Candidate Mr. Gary Speers, standing

Pictures from tonights Political Forum held at Scottsboro High School Auditorium.