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Thursday, February 11, 2010

CONTAMINATION, FIRES, FAILED SAFETY SYSTEMS PLAGUE U.S. NUCLEAR PLANTS. Nuclear Safety Event Reports for Nuclear Reactors and Fuels Facilities

Nuclear Zombie'shttp://www.thenation.com/article/zombie-nuke-plants by Christian Parenti, art work by Edwin Vazquez
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This is the second report I have compiled of this nature. The first: http://arklite.blogspot.com/2009/08/nuclear-power-is-not-safe-nor-clean.html There is a national concern that the formal press and media outlets do not report the frequency of Nuclear Facility Accidents and serious events within the United States. It has previously been found that aging nuclear power facilities have systems failures, redundant safety systems do fail. These reports indicate a serious problem with nuclear fuels fabrication facilities.
There are incidents which have resulted in Radioactive Materials being released into the local environment. In many cases these releases are not reported.
It has been recently reported that the nuclear manufactoring industry has poured over $620 million dollars into propaganda programs and politicians campaign funds in the last 10 years. A culture of deceit and propaganda in regards to nuclear safety is increasingly more and more alarming.
> The following information is compiled from the Event Reports of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, NRC. NRC link for more detailed event reports: http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/event-status/event/2009/index.html
NRC Emergency and Serious Event Reports for 1st Quarter FY 2010, October-December 2009. Serious contamination events, fires, security breeches and failed safety systems reflect serious problems for U.S. nuclear reactors and nuclear fuels manufactoring facilities. (40 events)
24 Reactor Scrams, in all cases the reactor's control rods inserted properly and the reactors were reported as stable. Events #:45391, 45394, 45404, 45409, 45412, 45421, 45433, 45440, 45445, 45474, 45482, 45483, 45484, 45499, 45520, 45537, 45547, 45549, 45556, 45557, 45577, 45583, 45588, 45597. Pump failures, electrical systems failures, high pressure fluid leaks, reactor core coolant level drops and valve failures were the primary cause of the reactor scrams.
4 Fire Events #: 45407-Areva fuels plant, radioactive materials released, fire, failure to declare emergency. 45497-Nuclear Fuels Svc. Erwin, Tn., fire and explosion, contamination to employees possible but not reported. 45515-Summer, Sc., unit 1, fire in protected area more than 15 minutes, switch gear room, emergency declared. 45565- Farley, Al. unit 1, fire in CCW heat exchanger room more than 15 minutes.
9 Contamination Events #: 45413-Paducah, Ky. fuels plant. 45492-Paducah Ky. fuels plant. 45510-Ginna, Ny. unit 1, Cesium 137 spill during pipe replacement. 45514- Three Mile Island, Pa. unit 1, radiation release, 150 workers contaminated, unlisted degree of contamination. 45517-Beaver Valley, Pa unit 1, EMERGENCY declared, reactor cooling system leak greater than 25 gallons per minute. Total quantity of coolant in spill not disclosed, contamination limited to containment building. 45527-nuclear fuels facility; 45533-SEE BELOW. 45593-Fitzpatrick, NY reactor unit 1, Tritium leak into storm drain, amount not disclosed. 45601-Erwin, Tn. fuel fabrications facility, suspension of processes due to repetitive safety failures.
45533, this event occurred while employee was working on the reactor coolant pump at the Ft. Calhoun, Ne. nuclear plant, this was a serious personal contamination event.
2 Safety related Events #: 45522-Turkey Point, Fl. dropped fuel rods; 45527-Paducah Fuel Plant, failed safety equipment and continuous safety systems failure.
> 1 Security Event #: 45521-Turkey Point, Fl., 33 Cuban Nationals entered the facilities security area. One of the illegals contacted the Control Room via a cell phone to inform them that they were on the facility and had arrived via a boat.

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